Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009

Our trip home for Christmas was great, but extremely busy. Jon was able to get off work early on Tuesday so we headed home that afternoon. We had a car full, plus a hitch-buddy attached to the rear of our car with all our Christmas presents on it. Our car was full to the brim with 3 dogs and 3 people and all our stuff. I know all you non-dog people think we're crazy, but we didn't want to leave our dogs here in the cold for that long and didn't want to ask anyone else to care for them over the Christmas holiday. Adeline only cried for about 1 hour in the car, then she was fine. That night we stayed with Jon's parents. The next morning (Christmas Adam - Adam comes before Eve) we took Adeline to visit my grandma. It was her first time to see her, and she was so excited.
Then Adeline joined me for my annual Christmas Adam lunch with my two besties, Amber & Amanda. Adeline also got to visit with Brooke, one of my friends from high school.

That night, my mom cooked dinner for us and Jon's parents. Christmas Eve we woke up early and headed to Omaha, TX to see all of Jon's aunts & uncles.

Then we hurried back to have Christmas Eve dinner with my other grandparents (Henry & MiMi).

We spent that night with my parents and woke up with them Christmas morning. Adeline slept through all the present opening & breakfast. Then we headed to Ginga's (my dad's mom) for Christmas lunch where Adeline met my cousins and more aunts & uncles.

That night we celebrated Christmas with Jon's parents and siblings. Saturday we were finally able to rest some and had dinner that night with Jon's family and my parents. We left town early Sunday morning to head back home because Jon had to work that afternoon. Adeline slept the entire way home. What a blessing! I think all the visiting wore Adeline out as much as it did me, because she slept the best she's ever slept while we were home. She slept one 5 hour chunk, then the next night she slept 6 hours in a row! However, she hasn't done that since then. I was so exhausted by the time we got home that I felt physically ill. I've recuperated now, though and feel much better!

I'll leave you with some other pictures from our trip to Texas.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wedding in Ft Worth

My best friend from college, Ashley, got married this past weekend. I was a bridesmaid, so we had to get there early for all the wedding festivities. Ash, when you read this, don't feel guilty, but I'm just being honest here. This wedding created so much anxiety for me from the moment she told me the date. It was falling exactly one month after Adeline's due date.

My anxiety started with worrying about whether or not I'd fit and/or look ridiculous in a bridesmaid gown one month after giving birth. The dress shop lady convinced me to order a size 10 when I normally wear a size 2-4. Needless to say, the dress was huge and I had to get it completely altered 2 weeks before the wedding.

Then my anxiety turned into anxiety over whether or not I would be able to pump enough milk for all the times I couldn't feed Adeline myself. I worked so hard the 2 weeks before the wedding pumping after every feeding and only getting like 1 ounce at a time, but I did finally end up with 5 bottles worth.

Then my anxiety focused on whether or not I would pack everything a one month old would need for a weekend away. You should have seen the look on the bellman's face when we told him, "Yes, all of that is going up to our room."

Finally, my anxiety was fear over how well Adeline would do in the carseat for 6+ hours. She did cry for 2 of the 7 hours on the way there, but slept like an angel all the way home except for when we stopped to feed her. So, as you can see, even though I stressed and worried about this wedding for approximately 10 months, everything turned out beautifully. God really does answer prayers!

Everything was perfect at Peter & Ashley's wedding. She looked absolutely beautiful and we all had a wonderful time.

My precious girl sleeping in her pack & play as I was getting ready for the bridal luncheon

Bride & bridesmaids at the bridal luncheon. Thanks, Brie, for the delicious food!

With Erika & Frosty at the rehearsal dinner. I miss these girls!

With my wonderful husband. (My parents got an adjoining room at the hotel and they kept Adeline)

With the beautiful bride

Another one with the hubby

TCU almuni Go FROGS!

My bouquet..the prettiest I've ever seen

I'll leave you with a picture of my little family. We didn't get around to making Christmas cards this year (I promise to do better next year), so this will have to suffice!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Week 4 with Adeline

We started trying tummy time. You don't really like it.

You're getting almost too long for your bassinet, but you scream every time I put you in your crib. What are we going to do?

You often try to get your thumb in your mouth, but you are seldom successful.

Smiling at Daddy

All dressed up to go out to eat

Cooking pancakes with Daddy

In your squirrel onesie that Aunt Juliet made

So incredibly precious!

The first time you stayed asleep in your crib (lasted about 20 minutes). This picture also documents the fact that you have grown out of newborn clothes. You couldn't even straighten your legs all the way in this onesie, but Mommy didn't want to admit it. It has now been put away. :(

You turned 1 month old on this day! Tuesday, December 8, 2009 Mommy dressed you in your Christmas hat & socks that Tiny made for you.