Monday, June 29, 2009

Ultrasound & Fireworks at the Crosses

We had our big ultrasound this past week. We found out that we are definitely having a girl! We are so excited and have already started registering for things. We are going to name her Adeline, but have not settled on a middle name. We have thought about Adeline Blythe, but that has been met with some contempt. We want something with one syllable since Adeline is rather long. Feel free to offer suggestions.

The weekend started off with me having to work on! However, it all worked out in the end. As soon as I got off work Saturday, Jon and I headed to some friends of one of my co-workers to swim. I thoroughly enjoyed floating around in the pool with my huge bottle of gatorade. My doctor said it was just fine for me to sunbathe as long as I stay hydrated. I was a little disappointed about not getting to slide down the slide. It had a big warning sticker at the top that said, "do not use if pregnant." The sacrifices you make for your child! =)

Sunday was a great service at church where we honored all our military men and women. Me being hormonal and all, I stayed teared up through almost the entire service. That night our church hosted a huge 4th of July celebration. They had live music, over 100 baptisms, and fireworks. I absolutely loved it!

My husband is a much better photographer than I am.

A nice man offered to take our picture, but Jon made me promise to crop out his extremely white legs. (Not that mine are nice and bronzed)

Isn't that beautiful?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Weekend

This weekend has been busy and fun. My parents came down to celebrate Father's Day with us. Friday night we went Oops and I got the cutest little ceramic bunny figurines. I'm going to use them somewhere in the nursery.

They're little school children bunnies. The girl has on a backpack and the boy is carrying books. I thought they were adorable.

After that we went to eat some yummy Italian food in Tontitown then went shopping at Pinnacle. We bought lots of maternity clothes and shoes (hah).

I'll spare you pictures of the clothes. =)

Saturday was all about the dads in the house. We took my dad and Jon to Springfield, MO to shop 'til they dropped at the original Bass Pro. It was a bit of a bust. My dad got a DVD and Jon got some fishing lures. (And I got a pair of earrings.) Half the store and the entire wildlife museum were closed for renovations. We were all disappointed about that.

I actually got several pairs of earrings this weekend. Can you guess which ones are from Bass Pro?

Today we went to church and out to eat at Catfish Hole (again, all about the dads).

My dad is an avid bass fisherman. We got him a pink & purple tackle box with a giftcard in it. The tackle box is for him to take his granddaughter fishing with him. I think he's more excited about that than the giftcard.

A few weeks ago I gave Jon Wii Active as an early F-Day gift, so today I gave him this adorable bib.

With the handsome daddy-to-be.

With my wonderful parents. I love you, Daddy!

Monday, June 8, 2009


Even though I'm only 17 weeks pregnant, I'm already nesting.  Although, it hasn't spilled over into the baby's room yet.  I've picked out furniture and bedding online, but made no permanent decisions by ordering anything just yet.  Anyway, when we moved into our new house we bought new bedroom furniture for ourselves.  We moved our old furniture into one of the guest rooms, but it was just too big for the room.  So we decided to make a headboard that was flush against the wall.  That was our Saturday project this past weekend.  

After it was built, before it was covered.

The finished product.

Shannon helped me decorate.

We also bought a new mirror for our living room when we were in Dallas last weekend.

The dresser in our bedroom with new pretty things.

That being said, we have some furniture for sale!  If you would like a nice queen sleigh bed frame with matching armoire, let me know!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Memorial Day & DFW

Memorial Day weekend was uneventful at our house.  Jon and I both had to work, so we didn't get any outside time in.  We did make ourselves some delicious taco salads and brownies with ice cream Sunday night.  =)  

This past weekend, we went to Ft. Worth for my friend Katie from grad school's pre-wedding party.  She's getting married in Jamaica this coming weekend and decided to have a send-off shower for all of us that can't go.  =(  I had a great time getting to see friends from grad school, but it was sooo hot.  It was in an airplane hanger, so no a/c.  I had my first experience of pregnancy feet swelling!  I really love Texas, but I'm so glad we live in NWA; especially for summertime.  

Katie & Bryan playing a really cute "how well do you know each other" game.

Sara, Jennifer, and me.  Sara is about one week more pregnant than me, but her belly is half the size of mine!

Jennifer, Katie the bride-to-be, and me.

After the party, Jon insisted that we go to Cabella's.  We enjoyed looking at all the animals and playing with all the merchandise, but didn't purchase anything for ourselves.

This is Jon with a pop gun, the only kind of gun we can afford right now.  

We also got to visit my great aunt, some of Jon's family (we stayed with his aunt & uncle), and my BFF Amanda, so it was a successful trip.  I am glad to be home and to have the day off today.  I think I've hit my nesting stage because all I can think about is getting the house just right!  Off to shop....