Monday, June 8, 2009


Even though I'm only 17 weeks pregnant, I'm already nesting.  Although, it hasn't spilled over into the baby's room yet.  I've picked out furniture and bedding online, but made no permanent decisions by ordering anything just yet.  Anyway, when we moved into our new house we bought new bedroom furniture for ourselves.  We moved our old furniture into one of the guest rooms, but it was just too big for the room.  So we decided to make a headboard that was flush against the wall.  That was our Saturday project this past weekend.  

After it was built, before it was covered.

The finished product.

Shannon helped me decorate.

We also bought a new mirror for our living room when we were in Dallas last weekend.

The dresser in our bedroom with new pretty things.

That being said, we have some furniture for sale!  If you would like a nice queen sleigh bed frame with matching armoire, let me know!

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