Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pulling & Tugging

Adeline started really pulling up on things last week. She was really hesitant about it at first, but now she's doing it every chance she gets.
Yes, I know I shouldn't let her pull up on things that can roll away from her, but it's hard to keep her from it. She's had a few falls, but she's learning how to hold that head up...haha.
I try to stay close by for the most part.
Helping Daddy with bills.
She's also learned to play tug of war with Tulip. Ever since Tulip first learned to play fetch, she also learned that I didn't want to be bothered with a toy unless I was sitting on the floor. If I sat on the floor, then that meant "play time." Before long, I could just sit on the floor to put on my shoes and off she'd run to get a toy. Well now she's learned that Adeline is a little person and not just some noisy attention-stealing thing, so any time we put A on the floor, Tulip hurries to her toy basket. She likes playing tug of war for a little while, but then she doesn't understand why Adeline won't just throw it for her. I think it's so stinkin' adorable! I love that my first baby & my second baby get along so well. :)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bachelorette Weekend

Well, I did it. I left my sweet girl for the first time overnight this weekend. But first, let's start at the beginning. I wasn't leaving until Saturday, so I wanted to spend some good, fun quality time with Adeline on Friday. We met Shannon & Westin at Springdale Aquatic Center. My friend Carley, who we also met there, told me about it. I never knew it existed. It was fantastic! It will really be great next summer when Adeline is a bigger. We played in the baby area and then moved to the toddler pool for a while until we had to evacuate due to some doo-doo floating in the pool. :) We decided to head home then since it was naptime anyway.

Soaking up some sun

Passed out on the way home

So, Saturday was my BFF, Amanda's bachelorette party. I wanted to be home Saturday morning for Adeline's first feeding of the day, then I took off the the airport to catch a plane to Dallas. I tested out the point & shoot before I left.

My 2 loves still snuggling in bed.

When I got to Dallas, we all met up at the W Hotel and dropped of our things in our room then headed to the pool. The W has a fantastic pool, but it's pretty much all covered. We had to sit on the outer edge to get any sun. Therefore, the tops of my thighs and my back got very burnt.

But we still had a blast.

Then we went back to the rooms to get ready for the night and had a little lingerie shower.

Aren't these panties cute?

A group shot before dinner

Not a very good angle, but the only one I got with the bride-to-be.

Ghost Bar

Then I woke up bright and early the next morning so I could get home in time to spend the majority of the day with my sweetheart. However, God had other plans. My plane was cancelled due to maintenance, so I had to wait at the airport for 3 hours before the next flight home. I was so upset. I sat there and cried and cried, and that's so not me. I think everyone around me either thought I was crazy or felt very sorry for me. When it was all said and done, I still got home in time to spend the evening with my family and all was well. When things like that happen to me, I tell myself that God is protecting me from something that I might have happened into if I had left when I planned.

What was Adeline doing while I was away, you may wonder. I'll show you. She and her daddy had a great time together.

They went to Sam's (and blew raspberries)

Adeline had lots of pumped bottles, which usually puts her in a bad mood, but she fared well.

They ate some peas (or Adeline did)

Adeline woke up happy Sunday morning

They sent me a picture to cheer me up

They ate some more

Adeline braided Tulip's hair

She tried to call me on her phone

We all had a good time, but I was glad to be home!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


My little girl loves to read and it makes me so happy! She's had several favorites, but Where's Baby's Belly Button is her absolute top pick right now.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

Adeline and I wanted to surprise Jon with a little Father's Day weekend getaway. We planned a little trip to Eureka Springs and rented a cabin in the woods. It was perfect! The cabin we stayed in was one of three and they shared a swimming pool. Friday evening we got there, ate a little dinner, and spent some time in the pool.
Isn't it quaint?

Saturday, we got up early and headed to a little cafe for breakfast. It was delicious. Then we went to Berryville to the Cosmic Cavern. It was really neat.

Jon was worn out by the time the 45 minute tour was over from wearing Adeline. We headed back to the cabin for an afternoon nap and swim, then we went out to dinner at Sparky's. I had an enormous cheeseburger & Jon had the best, but hottest pulled pork ever. We went to bed early because Adeline hadn't napped well all day.

We woke Jon up this morning with his favorite breakfast....Sister Schubert's kolaches. Jon and Adeline enjoyed some little father/daughter snuggle time.

Then we headed out to Blue Spring Heritage Center. It is where a huge underground spring dumps 38 million gallons of water into the White River daily. It was absolutely beautiful. I've never seen water that clear before! It was also extremely humid, and we all got pretty sweaty.

We ate a delicious lunch at Garden Bistro, then headed home to put our angel down for a nap. She woke up with the cutest little bedhead I've seen.

I leave you with pictures of the two best daddies I know and their girls.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Week with the Grands

My mom and Jon's mom wanted to spend a few days with Adeline while Jon and I worked. They got here Monday night and left today when Jon got home from work. I know they all had a blast. Monday, I spent my usual day at home with my girl and we were excited to get her sunglasses in the mail!

Blue eyes are very sensitive to sunlight, so A would always squint every time we went outside. She loves her sunglasses and never tries to pull them off. That night I went to bunco and they sent me a couple of pictures to let me know all was well at home.

Chewing on her rabbit

Sound asleep. I don't ever rock her to sleep for naps. I just put her in her bed and she goes to sleep. Jon, however, really enjoys rocking her at night until she's konked out...already such a Daddy's girl. :)

Tuesday, Adeline learned how to walk in a walker (I know they're terrible, but Nana brought it with her, and she really likes it).

Happy girl

They went for a walk around the block and Adeline wore her shades.

Posing with Nana

Posing with Tiny

Showing off her outfit her Tiny made her!

I told Nana & Tiny that I wanted Adeline to learn to wave bye bye while they were in town. She had mastered the skill by Wednesday morning!

Playing with Daddy when he was home for lunch.

My mom showing me that Adeline had eaten all her bottle on schedule.
Showing off her crawling skills.

Us in our shades

Sucking her thumb before her nap today.

She also learned to say "momma" this week.
She started saying it a lot over and over on Monday. Now she says every time you say, "Say Momma." It just melts my heart!

We loved the grandmas being here this week. Adeline never left the house from Tuesday-Thursday, which is just the way she likes it. Jon and I got to go straight to & from work which was also very nice. Another big plus was we had dinner on the table for us when we got home every night. Maybe the grandmas should come more often!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Auntie Am

My BFF from 2nd grade came to visit this weekend and it was so much F-U-N! We were inseparable from 2nd grade all through high school (our last names were Watson & Whittington so we even sat next to one another in every class we shared). Then, along comes college, and separate we did. She went to UCA and I went to TCU, then 6 years later, right before I was about to move to Arkansas, she moved to Houston! We usually just hang out every time we are both back in our hometown, but we decided it was time for her to come visit me in NWA. She got here around noon on Friday, and the fun began.

Playing with Adeline after her nap. I think she was excited about Amber being here.
That night, Amber and I had some big girl time. We went out to eat then to see SATC 2. I told Amber that as much as I love being a mom, I was really looking forward to an evening with just her. Jon was the wonderful daddy that he is, and stayed home with the sweet baby girl.

Saturday we got up bright and early and had some delicious pancakes.

We decided to let Adeline chew on a pancake.
Then, after A's nap, we headed to Fayetteville to the farmer's marker, to eat grilled cheeses at Hammontree's, then for yogurt at Orange Mango. That afternoon, while Adeline napped, Amber and I did a little shopping and got pedicures.

When we got home, we set up A's pool and watched her swim. Then Uncle Jarrod came over and we made fajitas. Yummy!

Amber entertained Adeline while we cooked. After Adeline was in bed, we set out to make some baby food for the week.


Amber is expecting her first little one in January, so I was giving her a crash course in Mommy 101. :) The next morning, we slept in a little, then headed to the Promenade for lunch and a little shopping.

Adeline learned to pull up to standing in her crib this weekend. (Needless to say, Daddy lowered the mattress.)

We had a blast, but managed to go the whole weekend without getting any pictures of us together! I can't wait to see her again in 2 weeks at our other BFF's bachelorette party!

Last night, Jon, Adeline, and I were invited to go swimming again. We of course jumped at the chance.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I did!