Thursday, June 17, 2010

Week with the Grands

My mom and Jon's mom wanted to spend a few days with Adeline while Jon and I worked. They got here Monday night and left today when Jon got home from work. I know they all had a blast. Monday, I spent my usual day at home with my girl and we were excited to get her sunglasses in the mail!

Blue eyes are very sensitive to sunlight, so A would always squint every time we went outside. She loves her sunglasses and never tries to pull them off. That night I went to bunco and they sent me a couple of pictures to let me know all was well at home.

Chewing on her rabbit

Sound asleep. I don't ever rock her to sleep for naps. I just put her in her bed and she goes to sleep. Jon, however, really enjoys rocking her at night until she's konked out...already such a Daddy's girl. :)

Tuesday, Adeline learned how to walk in a walker (I know they're terrible, but Nana brought it with her, and she really likes it).

Happy girl

They went for a walk around the block and Adeline wore her shades.

Posing with Nana

Posing with Tiny

Showing off her outfit her Tiny made her!

I told Nana & Tiny that I wanted Adeline to learn to wave bye bye while they were in town. She had mastered the skill by Wednesday morning!

Playing with Daddy when he was home for lunch.

My mom showing me that Adeline had eaten all her bottle on schedule.
Showing off her crawling skills.

Us in our shades

Sucking her thumb before her nap today.

She also learned to say "momma" this week.
She started saying it a lot over and over on Monday. Now she says every time you say, "Say Momma." It just melts my heart!

We loved the grandmas being here this week. Adeline never left the house from Tuesday-Thursday, which is just the way she likes it. Jon and I got to go straight to & from work which was also very nice. Another big plus was we had dinner on the table for us when we got home every night. Maybe the grandmas should come more often!

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  1. The grands had a GRAND time and we can't wait to do it again!!