Sunday, June 13, 2010

This Week in Pictures

Since I was sick and very busy most of the week, I got a little behind in blogging. In order to try to keep this post short, I'll post about the week now, and our weekend tomorrow.

Monday, June 7

We ran our usual errands (grocery shopping) and it wore my little girl out. She stayed asleep even while I unloaded everything.

Tuesday, June 8

I woke up at 5:00 with Jon and was sick as a DOG! I could hardly get out of bed. I was dizzy and my head was pounding. I told Jon there was no way I was making it to work, then I went back to sleep and he left for work. I thought maybe I'd feel better by the time Adeline got up at 7:30. I was WRONG! I could barely make it down the hall to get her out of bed and I had to change her diaper on the floor because I couldn't even stand at the changing table. When I made it back to bed to nurse her, I called Jon at work and told him he had to get home. There was no way I was going to be able to take care of Adeline. He got home not long after she was done eating and I was so thankful. After he fed and played with her and put her down for her morning nap, he came to check on me and I was burning up. He told me I needed to get in to see a doctor. I made an appointment and he and Adeline took me up there. I could barely sit in the chair while I waited (for TWO whole hours) to be seen. Jon and Adeline waited in the car because I didn't want her exposed to a waiting room full of sick people. Turns out, it was just a 24 hour viral thing and there was nothing I could take for it besides Tylenol for the fever. I stayed in bed all day and only sat up to nurse Adeline every 3 hours. (I read that when you're sick, it's even more important to continue nursing if possible because you give your baby antibodies through your milk. I think it worked, too, because Adeline never got sick.) Anyway, the following pictures and video are ones Jon took while waiting in the car at the doctor.

I think they had a good time.

Wednesday, June 9

I woke up feeling a lot better, but a little weak/fatigued from hardly eating anything the day before. I went in to work that afternoon and felt better and better as the day went on. That morning, during her nap, Adeline wiggled all over the bed.

I sent Jon this picture with the caption, "Can you find the baby?"
On our way to Mrs. Shannon's, we got a text from Rachel telling us Adeline's photo shoot was up on her website. I was so excited to get there and look at them.

Adeline enjoyed lounging on the couch while Shannon and I "oooed & awwed" over her adorable pictures.

Thursday, June 10

Just a regular work day, with no pictures.

Friday, June 11

We woke up very excited because Auntie Am was coming in town to visit!

More on our weekend with Amber tomorrow. :)

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  1. aw!!! Those pics are soo cute!!! So sorry you were sick! I am so thankful I have not been sick yet with Roman, but now if I were Tony is home to help all the time. She is just getting so big and she is so beautiful!