Saturday, June 5, 2010

Oh what fun we have....

Today has been a packed full of fun day. Jon got up early and headed to Siloam Springs to get a camper shell put on his truck (happy birthday from the in-laws) and Adeline and I made cinnamon rolls for the neighbors. They were up having a garage sale and were kind enough to put some of our things in it.

Then, we went to have some professional pictures taken of Adeline. It was a second attempt, since the first try resulted in a screaming, pitiful baby. Rachel was so kind to meet us a second time and during our happiest time of day (right when the sun is directly overhead & not the best for photos outside). Adeline was much happier than the first time, but still wouldn't give her best smiles. She kept squinting a lot because it was so bright out. However, I still think we got some great shots. One picture I took with my phone as we were leaving (probably the best smile all day, but eyes are closed).

We then went out for lunch and headed home for nap time. We woke Adeline up a little early from her nap and headed over to Adam & Helga's for a cookout. We had such a great time visiting with friends and their children, lots and lots of children. I'm so looking forward to all the years ahead of being friends and having our kids grow up together.

Hanging out in Noah's room after eating

Jennifer with little Noah

Stacy's got her hands full (& Brody's got his mouth full)

Hanging out with Daddy & Cooper (yes, that's a hand full of ear she's got)

I told everyone that I was dreading the drive home because I just knew our tired little girl would scream the whole way. Well, she made a liar out of me! She not only didn't scream, but she LAUGHED nearly all the way home. It was great!

And, the biggest event of the day..........


We had gotten home and Jon was in the shower. I put Adeline in the bathroom floor while I was getting everything ready for bedtime and I hear Jon yell, "You better get in here, Momma." I came running thinking she was getting into something, and she was moving forward on all fours! It made us so proud!

It was then time for bath & teeth brushing.

Her busy day wore her out!

My sweet hubby and I are now cuddled up on the couch with popcorn & a movie for a late date night. I hope you all had a super fun Saturday, too!

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