Tuesday, June 8, 2010

7 Months Old

Today, Adeline is 7 months old! My, how time has flown!
What is "A" doing at 7 months?
  • "Crawling" in a forward motion - sometimes it's up on all fours, sometimes it's an army crawl
  • Telling us sweet stories constantly
  • Is now a pro at sitting up - rides in the grocery cart & sits in hi-chairs at restaurants
  • Wearing size 6-9 month clothes
  • Wearing size 2 diapers
  • Eating 3 meals of solid food a day - fruit in the mornings, veggies at lunch & dinner; the only things she hasn't like are the mangoes & plums
  • Recently learned how to use her teeth and bites the spoon every time you put it in her mouth (still has only bitten me once)
  • Sleeps 10-11 hours at night & takes 2 long naps a day (ranging from 1 1/2 hours to 2 1/2 hours)
  • Loves being outside
  • Loves animals
  • Still hates riding in the car in the evenings (never makes a peep during the day)
  • Figured out how to jump with both feet in her jumper
  • Loves for Daddy to put her on top of his head - she belly laughs every time
  • Nurses 5 times a day (every 3 hours starting at 7:30am)
  • Loves drinking ice water
  • Was told she was very "pensive" by the church nursery ladies - pensive: expressing or revealing thoughtfulness; I would agree with that. She's a very serious baby, but also loves to laugh.
  • Loves water
  • Loves to be read to
I could go on and on, but I won't. Poor little Adeline hasn't had a very exciting 7 month birthday. I woke up feeling absolutely horrible this morning. I was dizzy, nauseous, achy, coughing, sneezing, and running fever (I'm pretty sure the last time I ran fever was about 10 years ago). I can hardly get out of bed without feeling like I'm going to pass out. Jon had to take off work today so he could care for Adeline (and me). I went to the doctor, but it's just something viral that will have to run it's course. Let's pray it's a very short course.

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  1. Lindsey! She is so beautiful!!! Lets plan a play date SOON!!!