Monday, June 14, 2010

Auntie Am

My BFF from 2nd grade came to visit this weekend and it was so much F-U-N! We were inseparable from 2nd grade all through high school (our last names were Watson & Whittington so we even sat next to one another in every class we shared). Then, along comes college, and separate we did. She went to UCA and I went to TCU, then 6 years later, right before I was about to move to Arkansas, she moved to Houston! We usually just hang out every time we are both back in our hometown, but we decided it was time for her to come visit me in NWA. She got here around noon on Friday, and the fun began.

Playing with Adeline after her nap. I think she was excited about Amber being here.
That night, Amber and I had some big girl time. We went out to eat then to see SATC 2. I told Amber that as much as I love being a mom, I was really looking forward to an evening with just her. Jon was the wonderful daddy that he is, and stayed home with the sweet baby girl.

Saturday we got up bright and early and had some delicious pancakes.

We decided to let Adeline chew on a pancake.
Then, after A's nap, we headed to Fayetteville to the farmer's marker, to eat grilled cheeses at Hammontree's, then for yogurt at Orange Mango. That afternoon, while Adeline napped, Amber and I did a little shopping and got pedicures.

When we got home, we set up A's pool and watched her swim. Then Uncle Jarrod came over and we made fajitas. Yummy!

Amber entertained Adeline while we cooked. After Adeline was in bed, we set out to make some baby food for the week.


Amber is expecting her first little one in January, so I was giving her a crash course in Mommy 101. :) The next morning, we slept in a little, then headed to the Promenade for lunch and a little shopping.

Adeline learned to pull up to standing in her crib this weekend. (Needless to say, Daddy lowered the mattress.)

We had a blast, but managed to go the whole weekend without getting any pictures of us together! I can't wait to see her again in 2 weeks at our other BFF's bachelorette party!

Last night, Jon, Adeline, and I were invited to go swimming again. We of course jumped at the chance.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I did!

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