Monday, July 27, 2009

Adeline's Room

Anyone who knows me well knows I'm a planner. I like to have things ready in advance. Therefore, Adeline's room is almost completely ready for her!

Before any paint was applied

It all started Thursday night when Jon and I painted the base coat on all the walls. Then Friday after work, Jon painted a 2nd coat. My parents got here Friday evening to help.

Saturday morning my dad and Jon started marking and taping off where the chair rail and stripes would go.
While Jon painted the stripes, my dad cut the chair rail to fit the room. During this time my mom and I went shopping for a crib mattress and changing table pad.

When we got back, my mom and I repainted a bookcase that my dad built for me when I was little.
After the stripes were dry, the chair rail was nailed into place.

Then furniture assembly began! We got the crib and changing table put together Saturday night, but the dresser was out of the question for our tired bodies and short tempers.

We got up bright and early Sunday morning and my dad and Jon put together the dresser while my mom and I sorted through all my childhood books. I kept the really special ones, but am donating the rest since I know Adeline will collect many of her own. Finally, the chair rail was painted and the furniture was arranged.

We even put the bedding on the crib. Everything looks so perfect.

Now all she needs is to have her books put on the shelves and curtains hung, and decorations here and there.

I cannot thank my wonderful husband and parents enough. I don't know what I would do without any of them. I love y'all!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Vacation in the Mountains

Jon and I just returned from a family vacation to Red River, NM. Jon's family tries to go every year, but this is the first time I've been as a member of the Richey family. Jon's family has very close friends who own a cabin there, and this is where Jon and I got married in 2007. We had not been back since the wedding. Jon and I arrived on Saturday, his parents came on Sunday, and his brother and his wife came on Wednesday. Jon's sister, Kiersten, and her husband were not able to make it there this year and were greatly missed.

We drove there because even if you fly, you have to rent a car and drive 3 hours. We also cook all our meals while there since Jon's family consists of master chefs. However, the grocery store there leaves much to be desired, so all the food must be brought with us. That being said, Jon and I set off to RR around 3:00am last Saturday morning. It's about a 13 hour drive. We stopped in Groom, TX to see the largest cross in the western hemisphere. I mostly just wanted out of the car, but it turned out to be very worth the stop. There were statues all around the base of the cross representing the stations of the crucifixion.

We enjoyed stretching our legs.

The next morning, Jon and I rode the ski lift and took in the beautiful scenery. At the top of the mountain, I posed for my Week 22 photo.

My manly man going to catch me some dinner.

Let me just take a moment to let you all in on a little secret. High altitudes and pregnancy don't mix! I was short of breath all week. Jon's family loves the outdoors, but I was stuck inside the majority of the time gasping for air.

This is where I was stationed for much of the week. Jon was being sweet and keeping me company at this point.

This is what would happen when I did go on a walk. I'd have to sit down and rest after about a quarter of a mile. Thank goodness all Jon's family was very understanding and wouldn't just go on without me.

The more vigorous hikers. Jon, Juliet, and Tommy (my FIL). Shane was there as well documenting the trip. Jon's mom was sweet enough to stay behind with me and keep me company at the cabin.

I really did get on my feet a few times.

One of the things I really wanted to do while we were there was take some pictures in the same spot where Jon and I got married. We got permission from the lady who owns the land on the last day we were there and I'm so thankful.

The best we could do without a professional telling us what were good "pregnancy poses."

I'll leave you with a few pretty sites.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Adeline Update & 4th of July Weekend

So now I'm 21 weeks pregnant, and starting this past Friday, I am able to feel Adeline moving almost all the time. It is the most amazing feeling ever. What's made it even more exciting is that Jon got to feel her move! She had the hiccups last Tuesday night and we were in bed watching a movie. I had my hand draped across my belly and I could feel this little rhythmical jumping, so I finally figured out what it was and told Jon to feel. He was very excited about it. I think it made it even more real for both of us.

This past weekend, Jon and I both had Friday off work, so we made a trip to Texas to visit our families. It was a great weekend, but not much relaxing was to be had. Friday was spent registering for baby gifts and shopping.

My 3 Day RFTC team is in full-swing training mode. I, however, am no longer participating in the event since it is taking place 1 week before my due date. That being said, I did want to walk with them on Saturday. They normally start walking at 7:00am, but I begged them to start at 6:00am instead. You may think I'm crazy, but it is HOT in Texas and I'm pregnant. My mom's group walks every Saturday out at my grandpa's farm. On the training schedule this weekend was a 6 mile walk. Now, Jon and I walk 2 miles almost every night, plus the 4 or more I walk at work daily, so I was pretty confident I could handle 6 miles. I had my dad on standby though just incase I couldn't make it. Let me just say this, drinking 24 ounces of water during the first 3 miles and not having a bathroom handy is not a good idea. Each step was excruciating as Adeline bounced up and down on my bladder. However, I did make it, but I'm not sure when I'll do that again.

With 2 of my very good friends from high school who were also in town.

That afternoon we had lunch at my MeeMaw's.

I made this delicious "flag cake" that Jon has been asking for ever since he saw a commercial with one on it about a month ago.

With my cousin Jayden, MeeMaw, cousin Amanda, & my mom. I'm holding my newest little cousin who was just born on Tuesday, June 30.

A close-up of the baby. Isn't she precious?

We also went swimming at my Granny's and to watch fireworks that evening, but no pictures were taken. It had been a long day, and I was tired of capturing memories. =)

So we have a few possible middle names for Adeline & I'm taking votes:
  1. Adeline Blythe
  2. Adeline Mae
  3. Adeline Gael
  4. Adeline ____ (fill in the blank)