Friday, November 21, 2014

Whitt - 6 Months

Whitt has been here with us for a half a year now.  So crazy to me!  Some days it seems like it's been forever, but some days it seems like he was just born.

His stats at 6 months:

  • Weight: 16lbs 2oz - 50%
  • Height: 28.5in - >95%
  • Head circumference: 17.5in - 75%

He started taking a bath in the big bathtub.  I think he really likes it.

He has become a much happier baby.  He can be put down for longer now, whereas before I felt like I had to pretty much hold him anytime he was awake.

He's army crawling all over the place and he's FAST.  Every now and then he'll pick his belly up off the floor and rock back and forth, but he doesn't really crawl that way yet.  I think because he's so fast the other way.

He loves playing with cars and he's started figuring out that different toys do different things.  He still puts them all in his mouth, but if he notices that it rattles or jingles, he'll shake it.  He's mastered the game of throwing toys off the highchair so someone has to pick it up for him.

He loves his sisters and is happiest when they're playing with him.   

He's wearing 9-12 month clothes and size 3 diapers.  

He eats all kinds of baby food and pretty much loves it all, except for sweet peas.  

He's gotten from lying down to sitting up by himself several times, but still isn't a pro at it.

He says "Momma" whenever he needs something and sometimes will say it just for fun.

He loves "talking" to his sisters.  They'll squeal at him and he'll mimic that noise back to them.  It's so cute.

He likes to stand up.  He hasn't pulled himself to standing yet, but I can prop him up and he'll hold onto something and stand there forever.  He likes to stand outside the bathtub and talk to his sisters when they're taking their bath.

He is definitely the strongest baby I've had.  He did a sit-up the other day when I was trying to change his diaper.  

He's still not sleeping all night.  Sometimes he'll wake up two or three times a night.  Sometimes only once.  Every now and then he'll sleep 10 hours straight then go back to sleep for another couple hours after I feed him.  It really is a toss up every single night.

I put this picture on Instagram one night after he'd woken up crying just a couple hours after going to sleep.  I wrote: I think God made my final baby, my most difficult baby so that I wouldn't rush through these months preoccupied.  So that I would spend more time holding, rocking, soothing, bouncing, singing, kissing this gift, my last baby.

And I am tired.  A lot.  All the time.  There are many things that a third baby does NOT give you.  Like more time, more sleep, a calm home.  But what a third baby DOES give you is perspective.  This doesn't last forever.  They will sleep all night at one point.  They will feed themselves and clean up their rooms and go to the bathroom on their own.  They will even eventually cook their own meals, do their laundry, and move out of your house.  So I'm going to cherish this time.  I'm going to cherish this baby.  This crying, fussing, wanting to be held all the time, Momma's boy.  Because God made me a Momma.  And that's what Mommas do.  They rock, they hold, they bounce, they sing, they soothe.  Being a mom isn't a picture in a magazine.  It's real, hard, exhausting work and I'm going to cherish every moment of it, because I prayed for it and begged for it and I love it.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Halloween Fun

We kicked off Halloween week by visiting our local nursing home.  It had been a while since we'd gone and Adeline reminded me one day when she said, "When are we going back to see the old people?  It's been a long time!"

We carved pumpkins one night.

Adeline had a portable pumpkin patch come to her school that morning.  When I picked her up she was carrying this fairly large pumpkin with her.  I could see that most of the other kids had little bitty pumpkins in their hands.  I asked her why she picked a big pumpkin and she said, "all my friends wanted the little ones, but I wanted this big one because it is just the right size to carve into a jack-o-lantern."  We normally only carve one pumpkin, but since she'd done that, we decided to carve two this year.  Adeline wanted hers to be scary and Annabel wanted hers to be silly.

Annabel wore her pretty little pumpkin dress to BSF that week.

On Thursday that week, Adeline's school had "mismatch day" so I let her pick out her outfit.  I think she mastered the mismatching thing.  Annabel got to wear a costume to school and she picked out this princess dress from her dress-up dresser.

We made pumpkin rice krispie treats.

And then it was finally Halloween!  We love holiday clothes.

Whitt thought this book his Nana sent him was very tasty.

About a month before Halloween both my girls told me they wanted to be Elsa.  I was fine with that, but then about two weeks before Annabel changed her mind and decided to be Anna.  So I just couldn't pass up the chance to have Whitt dress up like Olaf.

We even had Elsa & Anna painted finger nails.

We had some friends over for dinner that night before trick-or-treating.  My girls had a blast with Monroe & Micah.  I think they all had the most fun handing out candy from inside our warm house.

It was frigidly cold on Halloween, but Adeline was the most into it she's ever been in the past.  She ran right up to every door and laughed at all the scary costumes.  Annabel, however, still wanted to hold my hand and didn't want anything to do with anything scary.

Whitt started out going around the block with us, but he didn't make it far before he got too cold.

We had such a fun time!  Holidays are extremely exciting through the eyes of children.

More October

The looong week of Squirrel Camp was finally over and we were all so excited to be back together as a family of five.

We ran some errands the evening Jon and Annabel got home and the girls just giggled and played the whole time.  Music to my ears!  Here, Adeline is pretending Annabel's foot is a phone.

The next afternoon we went to the pumpkin patch.  I didn't want an October to pass us by without a trip there.  However, it was absolutely blazing HOT!  My kids enjoyed it, even though I was sweating the entire time.

Can you tell it was 5,000 degrees outside?

And this little cutie just cracks me up.  I love her style.

My parents bought me a porch swing for my birthday, but it wasn't in yet when they came up for my birthday.  Jon brought it back with him and hung it on our back porch.  I love it!  Whitt's a fan, too.

We don't do much of anything on Mondays or Tuesdays.  We like to spend those days in our pjs and doing things like making messes  crafting.

Whitt got moved up to a convertible car seat, so we bought Adeline a new booster seat.  Now Annabel sits in the middle.  She likes to hold Whitt's hand.

Adeline likes to play "Mrs. Kalee's Wedding" ever since she was a flower girl.  So sweet! finally got cold here.  I was so ready for it!

Whitt thought it was funny to blow raspberries into the spoon one day.  He's pretty darn cute, even with carrots splattered all over his face.

And all three of my kids loved their bumpers.  It about gives me panic attacks, but how can you take something away that they love so much?

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Squirrel Camp Week

So this year Jon got an added week of vacation.  He decided he wanted to use that week to stay an entire week at his family's campout, which they call "Squirrel Camp."

I was planning on going in to Texas with him and staying for at least part of that week, but not actually camping.  I was going to stay with my parents.  However, as the time drew nearer, I realized that Adeline's school had several big activities going on that week that she really didn't want to miss.  So, I decided to brave the single mom thing for a full week.  However, I knew it'd be much easier on me if at least one of my babies could go to Texas, too.  Since Whitt is nursing and Adeline had all the school stuff, Annabel was the lucky one to stay with grandparents for a week.

At first she was totally excited about more one-on-one time with Mommy.  The first night she requested that we go eat at "that place where I can get a salad and soup" aka MiMi's.

Annabel got to go to a high school football game with my parents.

Whitt proved that boys are definitely boys and went nuts over this car.

Annabel got to go visit her daddy out at camp a few times.

And Whitt decided he was done lying back for his bath.

And he was also going to start helping himself to his sister's toys.  Adeline said, "I'm not sure I really want him to crawl, because then he's going to be grabbing all my stuff!"

We made cookies for breakfast one morning.

Annabel got to play dress-up at Tiny's house.

We got a sitter for Whitt one afternoon, and Adeline and I went to Build-a-Bear and to see a movie.

So happy not to be fighting over the iPad with her sister.

One afternoon I told Adeline to get dressed so we could go to Walmart.  This is what she wore.  We should totally start a website called "children of Walmart."

She learned how to eat fried fish tails.  Yep, that's what I said.

And play dominoes.

Adeline said, "Don't send that picture to Daddy.  He won't like that pink on him!"

Adeline had her very first field trip and school bus ride.  She was so excited!  They went to a local park and I met them there, along with just about every other mom.  You could totally tell it was a pre-school field trip with all the moms with cameras everywhere.

This boy is happiest outside.

She took these wheels off one of Whitt's toys and said, "I'm making my muscles strong."  Where'd she even learn that?  She's definitely never seen me do any form of weight-lifting.  Hah!

She looked like such a fashionista this morning that I just had to snap a picture.  We were so excited that Daddy and Annabel were going to be coming home that afternoon!  Adeline definitely loved all the time with me, but by about Wednesday she was saying things like, "How much longer until Annabel gets home?  I miss my sister!"  I think she was realizing just how boring I am.

And I finally discovered a food that Whitt is not a fan of.  Sweet peas!  He didn't fuss or anything, just wouldn't swallow any of it.