Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Whitt's 1st Trip to Texas

I've been waiting for Whitt to get his 2 month vaccines before we headed to Texas.  We have so many people to see when we go there that I wanted to make sure he was strong enough to hopefully stay well.  I also needed to go when Jon could take off work and go with us, since Whitt is not a huge fan of the car.  I needed to be able to sit in the back with him and keep that paci in his mouth.  There was no way I was about to listen to him scream for 4.5 hours driving by myself!

He did a whole lot better than I feared he would.  He went right to sleep when we left swim lessons (probably because he'd been screaming for two hours) and he slept until about an hour away from our destination.  I nursed him there, and he only fussed for about 20 minutes before we made it to Jon's parents' house.

Annabel faked me out.  I took this picture because I was so excited about having 2 out of 3 kids sleeping, but she opened her eyes right afterwards and never shut up the rest of the way home.

 Tiny made these precious princess dress-up accessories.  You know we all had to play.

We went swimming at my grandmother's house twice.  Whitt went with us one of the times so he could meet his MiMi and Pops.

We had so many yummy treats while we were there.  Homemade ice cream and lots of homegrown veggies.

Uncle Emil, Aunt Kiersten, and Cousin Margot came into town to meet their new nephew/cousin as well.  My girls always have so much fun with Emil.  They're styling his beard here.

My grandpa gave me this 1970 Chevelle several years ago, but he keeps it because he likes to work on it, plus I don't have anywhere to put it here.  He recently got a new paint job on it.  I love it!  Maybe Whitt will drive it one day.

We spent each night at Jon's parents' because it's just easier to stay at one place rather than pack up ALL our stuff to move it back and forth, but we still got to see my parents a lot.  They came over to Jon's parents' several times and we spent most of Sunday at their house.

My dad was so excited to put Whitt in the baby swing.  I tried to explain to him that baby swings are still for babies who can sit up, but he just had to let him try it out.  He liked it for a while.

Cousin Shiloh went swimming with us on Sunday.

Sunday night we had dinner at my other grandmother's house.  Whitt was pretty cranky while we were there and finally took a little nap on his Nana.

 On Monday we hung around until the afternoon to get on the road.  Jon took the girls riding on his dad's 4-wheeler and swang on the porch swing some.  Annabel just about fell asleep.

Whitt cried more on the way home than he did on the way there, but still not that bad.  Overall, it was a great trip, but like always, I wish I'd taken more pictures!

Swim Ranch Year #4

We just completed our 4th year at Swim Ranch!  I probably started way early, but we love swim lessons and they learn so much, so it's worth it.  I started doing the water babies class with Adeline the summer before she turned 2, and she finally got to be in Lane 1 this year since she's four.  That means she swam without me!  Annabel did water babies for the 2nd year and loved it, again.

Their lessons were back to back, and since I had to be in the water with Annabel and needed Whitt to stay home, it took an entourage to accomplish lessons this year.  My mom and my cousin Kasey both came up.  My mom stayed home with Whitt every day and Kasey went with us to lessons to help me. I'm so grateful they were both here.  I really don't think I could have managed without them.  Since their lessons were at 11 & 12, I had to pack a lunch every day.  Kasey would make sure Adeline ate and went potty while I swam with Annabel and would do the same with Annabel while I watched Adeline.  Whew!  Makes me tired just thinking about it.

Adeline was the youngest in her class and was pretty timid the whole time, but especially on the first day.

That night, they had open swim for families to go and practice what they'd learned that first day.  Jon took Adeline to help her get a little more comfortable, and rewarded her with a sno-cone afterwards.

She also had her second piano lesson during the week...  I feel like all of a sudden she's so grown up!

Another night we went to swim at a neighbor's house so Adeline could practice jumping off the diving board.  She'd been too scared to do it in class that day, so we wanted to let her get comfortable with it before the next lesson.  She did great at the neighbor's house and jumped off their diving board about 20 times.  However, the next day at lessons she was still too scared to jump.

I love this sweet picture of my sometimes sweet girls.

Adeline and Kasey hanging out before lessons...

Whitt going for a stroller ride while we were gone...

On Thursday it was pouring down rain.  They canceled Annabel's water babies class, but we had to just hang out in the car to see if they'd still have Adeline's lesson.  Adeline had class for about 10 minutes in the rain, until it started lightning, so they sent us home.  No chance to try jumping that day.

And now we come to Friday, the last day of lessons....

Every single one of us went...my mom, Kasey, Adeline, Annabel, Jon, Whitt, TULIP, and myself.  Tulip went because we were all leaving straight from swim lessons to go to Texas.

Whitt was semi-happy for the first few minutes we were there.  The rest of the 2 hours, he screamed his head off.

Jon swam with Annabel that day.

She got her certificate!

And Adeline finally jumped off the diving board!!!  We were so excited!  I have no pictures, because we were all videoing it.  Oops!  I think Annabel was more proud of her than she was of herself.  As Adeline was walking out to the end of the board Annabel was saying, "Is she going to do it this time? I hope she jumps!  Oh!  She did it!!  Adewine jumped!!"  Precious.

And she earned 5 red flags and her certificate as well.  Go Adeline!

I just love Swim Ranch.  They do such a great job making swimming fun and exciting, all while teaching them a lot of survival and swim techniques.  I always leave each year feeling like it was money very well spent.

Throughout the week, something just clicked with Adeline and while we were in Texas over the weekend, she swam in my grandmother's pool with absolutely no life vest or buoy.  She even dove head first off the side of the pool and swam to the steps and climbed out with no flotation device.  I can't believe how much skill she gained in just one week.  Growing up so fast!

4th of July Weekend

Even though Jon had to work a lot on the holiday weekend, we still managed to have some fun.

The Milbrodts were the last of our small group to bring us a meal after having Whitt.  We asked them to just come and play on our water slide and eat with us when they brought us dinner.  During dinner our neighbors came over and told us they were having a lemonade stand.  Of course we had to go.  I just love this picture.  It captures summer perfectly, I think.

Friday, on the actual 4th, we went to the lake with some friends whose parents have a lake house not far from our house.  We made these patriotic rice krispies to take.

My sweet friend, Ashley, is very pregnant and didn't much feel like being out in the sun, so she volunteered to stay in the lake house with Whitt while he napped.  So sweet of her!  We enjoyed getting to play with our big girls.

When Whitt woke up from his nap, I went up the lake house to feed him and the girls stayed out on the boat with Jon and some of our friends.  My other sweet friend, Mollie sent me this picture of Annabel passed out in her lap.  I think the lake wore her out!

Whitt napped again outside on the deck during dinner.  He was very cooperative that day.

After we ate dinner, we headed back home to get baby brother in bed.  We bathed the girls and put on their pjs while we waited for it to get dark.  Then we headed outside to do a few fireworks we'd bought.  Their favorites were the sparklers.

Whitt has started sticking his tongue out at us after he sees us do it.  It's hilarious!  He was being silly the next morning.

Then on Sunday, we went to church and my girls helped me pass out invitations to our church's first pre-school Mother/Daughter tea party.  We are so excited for it!

Having a newborn requires extra planning and extra packing to go anywhere or do anything, but we still managed to have a great 4th of July weekend!  It helped a lot that Whitt was so easy-going, which he isn't always in the mood for...hah!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Whitt - 2 Months!

Whittington Ellis Richey is two months old today!  Time has flown and dragged by all at the same time.  

His stats:

  • Weight: 11lb 11oz - 50%
  • Height: 23.75" - 75%
  • Head Circumference: 16" - 60%

Dr. Froman talked to him and he smiled so big at her and cooed and almost busted out a laugh.  She said he was very advanced in that.  She also put him on his tummy & he picked his head and chest off the table which she said that plus the rolling he's doing is a 4 month skill and that's he so strong.  I said I knew that already because he was as strong as a 2 month old when he was still in the womb!

He really is starting to enjoy life more and spending less time fussing.  He nurses 7 times a day and takes one pumped bottle in the evenings.  He is MAD when that bottle is empty.  He LOVES his baths and takes one every night.  He loves to go on walks in the ergo carrier, and hates tummy time. He has started liking his swing. Most nights he only wakes up once, usually anywhere from 3-5am.  He takes a long morning nap and a long afternoon nap with a catnap here and there throughout the day.  He's in 3-6 month clothes and wears size 1 diapers.  He loves his sisters.  They can make him smile anytime they talk to him.  He hates riding in the car, so we barely ever go anywhere.  He is easy to go to sleep if he's in his rock & play, in the dark, sound machine on, swaddled, and pacifier.  He is not a "sleep anywhere" kind of baby, but I can't complain since he sleeps so well at home.  He doesn't much like to be rocked, so I put him down wide awake and he puts himself to sleep.  What a big boy!

Whitt, we just love having a little boy in our home.  You complete our family and make us all so happy and thankful for YOU!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


It's officially summertime and we're soaking up every ounce of sunshine we can get!

Whitt has started smiling responsively and I absolutely love it!

He wore his TCU shirt to church one Sunday in support of our Frogs going to the College World Series.

That afternoon Jon brought the girls home after being in Texas for a week.  I think they were more excited to see Whitt than me, but I was just happy to have my heart all back in one place.

We got this giant inflatable water slide and it has been a fantastic investment.  We play on it pretty much from sun-up to sundown every day.

Little Brother loves sitting outside and watching his sisters play.

And falling asleep in my lap...

My little model child asking me over and over, "come push me, Mommy!"

We went up to the Bentonville splash pad one day.  It was a lot of fun for everyone.

These fake mustaches have been quite a lot of entertainment around here.

Love this little precious so much!

Our sweet Kalee came to stay with us one weekend and we had the best time!  We went shopping for the girls' flower girl dresses for Kalee's wedding in September.

And we celebrated the longest day of the year with snocones.
Jon's mom made my children the most adorable coordinating outfits.  They wore them to church one Sunday and we tried some outdoor pictures in front of the flower beds, but my blue-eyed babies couldn't even open their eyes, so the fireplace had to suffice..

They adore their brother and want to be by him every second he's awake.

Adeline colored this one day and asked me to take a picture and send it to Nana.  She's growing up so fast.

One day I went in Whitt's room to get him up, but he was already awake and looking around.  I bent down over his bed to take a picture of him and when he saw me he smiled so big.  Melted my heart!

We went swimming with some friends and Whitt passed out on a lounge chair.  This was quite shocking to me because normally he's very picky where he sleeps.  He wants to sleep in his bed, swaddled, in the dark with his sound machine on.  He's not the easy-going, flexible baby I thought the third might be.

The girls love for me to make them smoothies in the evenings after dinner.  I always give it to them in one cup with two straws.  I like to imagine that one day they'll be laughing & reminiscing about their child hood and wonder why I didn't just give them two cups and my hope is that one will say, "there were lessons to be learned..."

He's the happiest in the mornings.
 But he HATES tummy time...

Loving these precious vintage tulip dresses.

Usually, in the evenings we go for a walk and come home and eat popsicles.  It's one of my favorite times of the day.

My parents got Whitt his first gun.  I love it!

I bought this mirror to help with tummy time, but it doesn't make much difference.

We wear smocked dresses to Sam's because we have a ton of precious summer clothes, but we hardly ever get out of swimsuits.

It was patriotic day at church on Sunday.  It's one of my favorite services of the year.

We went to the fireworks show at our church Sunday night and my mom came in town to keep Whitt.  She sent me this precious picture of him taking a bath.

Reagan and Annabel enjoyed playing on their parents' iPhones and sitting in Cody's lap.

We took a selfie.  Hah!  Annabel has been very difficult lately.  She's really been struggling with getting less of my attention since Whitt has been born.  She's way more clingy and whiny than ever before, so she really enjoyed having Whitt stay home with Nana for a few hours the other night.

And this little man was happy to see his Momma the next morning.

Diet coke, sunshine, happy kids, perfect day!

Going for a ride in the laundry basket.

My neighbor has started teaching Adeline piano lessons.  I'm so excited and so is she.  She's always had a knack for music.  She notices things that I don't.  I think maybe she got that from the Richey side.

They love showing Whitt his toys.

And Adeline loves to watch cartoons on youtube.  I think she'd sit here all day if I let her.  Annabel, on the other hand, asks to go outside from the moment she wakes up every morning and every afternoon after her nap.

I've felt pretty isolated from society this summer since Whitt makes it so difficult to go anywhere with all his screaming (he HATES the car).  It can be a little depressing, but I know it's also a good thing because we've had a lot of time to spend together as a family.  And I know I say this all the time, but time is flying by.  Adeline starts pre-school in SEVEN weeks!  I can't believe it.  I'm trying to soak up every minute I can with her between now and then.