Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Whitt's 1st Birthday Party

Even though I didn't really make his actual birthday super special, his party was absolutely perfect!

I had planned on having his party at my parents' house probably since before he was born.  I was thinking it would be the perfect place for a first birthday since that's usually more for family anyway and a lot more family could come if we had it there.

I decided on a tractor theme.  However, I wasn't too crazy about your typical green & yellow John Deere theme, so I went with green gingham and a dark blue.

 Adeline was not in the best mood because of her very little sleep, but we made her take a family photo anyway.

Whitt had so many friends and family come to his party.  We are so blessed!

The bounce house was a huge hit.

He liked his cake, but wasn't overly impressed with it.

My parents got him this bike for his birthday and my Aunt Paula pushed him around in it.  He loved that.

We opened his presents after his nap.  He loved it all.

We are so blessed with such wonderful friends and family.  Thank you all for making Whitt's birthday so special!


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