Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May - Off to a Rough Start

It's only the 5th of May and I feel like we've already been through the ringer.

We made it to my parents' house on Thursday evening and the weather was beautiful.  Friday we spent a lot of time outside and Whitt got to enjoy a sucker.

That afternoon, Amanda and I got to have some BFF time.  We did some shopping, got pedicures and just enjoyed each other's company.

Jon got me a magnolia blossom from my parents' magnolia tree.  It smelled heavenly!
And then the fun began.  Adeline went to bed early because she was just so exhausted.  About an hour after she went to sleep (right after Jon and I both took NyQuil and/or Benadryl) she woke up gasping for air.  Her mouth was wide open and she was barking and gasping for breath.  It was terrifying.  We rushed her to the nearest hospital (25 minutes away) and her oxygen levels weren't great.  She had done fine all the way to the hospital, not talking much, but breathing ok.  However, they were concerned with her oxygen saturation so they did chest x-rays, gave her prednisone, and two breathing treatments, all over the course of 5 hours.  We were finally discharged at 2:00am, right after I almost had a panic attack about not being home in time for Whitt's birthday party.  I knew Adeline was better at that point and all I wanted to do was let everyone get some sleep so we could be ready to celebrate Whitt's birthday.  We had no real diagnosis other than an allergic reaction of some sort.

The next day was Whitt's party (that post to follow).  All of us needed naps afterwards, but Whitt refused, so my mom took him to my grandpa's car garage and let him "test drive" a few beauties.

Sweet Anna and Annabel had some fun in the bounce house that evening.

And this is the only picture I got of the birthday boy on his actual birthday.  I woke up Sunday morning with my throat absolutely on fire.  We drove back home, I went to a walk-in clinic, they gave me a steroid shot, but said it was just allergies.  Monday I felt even worse and couldn't even talk because my throat hurt so bad.  I went to a different doctor, was diagnosed with strep throat, given a penicillin shot (which almost made me pass out) and now I feel almost 100% better!  Praise the Lord!

Anyway, poor Whitt didn't have any of the fun his sisters did on their actual first birthday, but at least he got to wake up to balloons, thanks to his Nana & Happy.

And we're down to just nursing once a day at night.  He's doing great with that, but still likes his morning cuddles.


  1. It is so scary when something like this happens to one of our children! My daughter has asthma and anytime she has an attack I feel like I am holding my own breath until she uses her inhaler and can breathe better again. It looks like you were able to make the best of the day though and still have a good birthday day!

    Louisa Coppinger @ US HealthWorks - Kent