Thursday, November 8, 2012

Adeline turns 3!

Today is Adeline's 3rd birthday.  I think this has been the most fun birthday (besides her actual birth) so far.  She really got into it and loved every minute.

Jon and I hung these balloons up in front of her door at 5am.  When she woke up around 7:30 she didn't really know what to think.

But after she had a chance to really wake up, she loved them.

She requested pancakes for breakfast.  I'm not as good of a pancake maker as Daddy, but they were edible.

Then we got dressed for the day and headed down to Fayetteville.  She's saying, "Yay!  It's my birthday!" here.

We took Annabel to visit Shannon, Westin, & Reagan while Adeline and I had a little mommy/daughter time at Glitterbox (nail salon for kids).  This place was legit.  They did everything a nail place for adults would do.  Adeline loved it.

The finished product.  She chose these colors all by herself.  Hot pink with purple glitter on top.

Then we went back over to Shannon's to play and eat lunch, but I didn't get any pictures.  :(  Annabel was worn out from all the birthday festivities and passed out in the car on the way home.

So I guess since she's been asking for a dollhouse for 6 months, she just assumed that's what she was getting for her birthday.  All day long I kept telling her she'd get her present when Daddy got home from work.  When Jon came in she said, "Do you got a dollhouse in you truck, Daddy?"  Hilarious!  So the girls and I ran an errand while Jon rearranged the playroom and got the dollhouse in its new home.  I ran in ahead of Adeline and videoed her reaction.  Priceless!  

Yes, it's so tall that she has to stand on a chair to reach the top floor.  Haha!

I don't know how he did it, but Jon somehow managed to fit everything that was already in the playroom in there with the addition of the enormous dollhouse.  Way to go, Daddy!

We cooked one of Adeline's favorites...Mexican chicken casserole and guacamole.

Then we sang happy birthday, blew out candles, & enjoyed some yummy cookie cake.  I also did a little video interview of a questionnaire I found online.  I think we will really enjoy watching it in the years to come.

What a fantastic day for us all!  We love you, sweet Adeline, more than you can imagine.  You have given us the 3 happiest years of our lives.  Thank you, God, for this beautiful, funny, rambunctious blessing!

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