Friday, June 13, 2014


I think time just speeds up every year.  We've been busy the past two weeks...

Annabel brought this apron to me the other day & said, "Help me put on this kitchen skirt."  She cracks me up!

This face cracks me up..

For a while I was rocking Whitt all the way to sleep.  I captured these photos as he was drifting off the other day.  First, he stares off into space, then starts grinning as he's dozing off.  Then the girls came clopping down the hall in their dress-up high-heels so he cried a little bit.  And finally, dreamland!
 He fell asleep in his bouncy seat the other day and just about slid out.  So cute!

The little hand hanging out the bottom cracks me up.

We got a new attachment for our swing set.  I wanted something they could do together and the thing that was on this end that came with the set was a little disc on the end of a rope, which they never used.  They're still trying to figure out how to make this work, but I think they'll love it as they get older.  The glider was always my favorite thing on my swing set as a child.

We've been walking every evening and Whitt rides in the ergo carrier.  He loves it, but he's about to outgrow the infant insert, I think.

Big T and Tiny came to visit last weekend and Big T finally got to meet his first grandson.  I love this picture of three generations of Richey men.

He's really concentrating on that pacifier.

Jon told him, "Superman doesn't cry!"

The girls have been in Texas all week visiting their grandparents.  I think they're having the best time.

And why does she look so big?

This is what Whitt does almost every time he nurses.  It's like he's making sure I'm not going anywhere.

Tummy time...

She helped her Nana pick the garden.

I think the biggest differences I've noticed so far in boy vs girl is how strong Whitt is.  He can bust out of the swaddle in no time.  Another difference is how big he's gotten in such a short time.  I think he's going to be bigger than his sisters before he's 10.

When the girls go to Texas, they split up and one goes with Jon's parents and the other goes with my parents.  Then halfway through their time there, they switch.  However, mine and Jon's parents are friends, so they get together several times throughout the week so the girls can hang out.

Outgrowing the infant insert...

They've also been going to our parents' church's VBS this week.

Look at these rolls and double chin!  I don't think he'll ever be a chunky baby, though.  I think he'll be just like the girls and look a little chunky right before growing an inch taller, therefore, go right back to being long and lanky.

A trip to Walmart with Nana means a toy and a ride on the little car outside.

His eyelashes have grown so much since he was born!

Three times this week he's slept until 5 or 6 after being put to bed at 8pm.  So big!

Poor little Annabel hasn't felt great the whole time she's been in Texas.  It started with fever and puss pockets on her tonsils, then when the fever left she broke out in mouth sores.  I know she's loving all the one-on-one grandparent attention, though.

Swimming at Tiny's..

Last day of VBS!  I can't wait to get my hands on my sweet girls!!

What a busy summer and it's only just begun!

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