Friday, February 21, 2014

January (AKA the longest month of my life)

Yes, I do still have a blog.  No, I do not really ever have the energy or time to update it.  Hah!  I'm really trying to, though since this is the scrapbook of my life.  So, anyway, January felt like it would never end!  I think it's because it was so cold and snowy and we were stuck inside nearly the whole month.  That will make anyone go a little stir crazy!

Anyway, here we go with a whole month of pictures...

The girls one Saturday morning watching their Daddy fly his helicopter.

We met the Milbrodts at Little Giggles one day.  Adeline and Ava were too busy playing for a picture.

Little Mommy

We celebrated Kellen's birthday one day.

I told her to eat all her oatmeal.  She quietly just put her head in her hands and pouted without a word.

Annabel became fully potty-trained in January.  She's telling me, "Now I get a sucker."

Stay at home days are definitely dress-up days.

Peeling their own oranges.  They grow up so fast!

Playing "groomer" one day after we dropped of Tulip at the real groomer.  They wanted to know what exactly they did to Tulip at the groomer, so we practiced on all our stuffed animals.

We traveled to Dallas one weekend for cousin Margot's first birthday, but all I had on my phone were videos and no actual photos.  :(

We had quite a scare one morning with Annabel.  She whined nearly all night and in the morning she was completely listless and sweating like crazy in a cold, clammy sweat.  We checked her heart rate because we always do that when she's acting funny, and instead of it being high like it usually is, it was way way low.  We took her to the doctor, and by that point her heart rate was back up to almost normal, but her blood pressure was really low.  She could barely walk without acting like she was about to fall over.  The doctor checked everything, sent us for an EKG, and a heart monitor.  The only conclusion we ever reached was that her beta blocker had been messed up at the pharmacy.  We think she was getting more than she should have and that's what brought her heart rate so low.  We refilled it at a new pharmacy and after 24 hours, she was completely back to normal.  So strange and so scary.  We are so thankful for the good Lord up above for His protection!

Since we no longer change diapers around here, we got to update the top of the dresser in the girls' room!

We also rearranged some things in the playroom and moved the dress-up dresser into the girls' room to make more room in the playroom for future boy toys.

We celebrated Payton & Parker's birthday one Saturday.

We always eat pizza on Sunday nights.  This particular Sunday we felt ambitious and decided to make our own pizzas.  The girls had a blast.  (We also always eat our pizza in the living room while watching AFV - the girls think it's such a fun break from the dinner table.)

Annabel requested we put this crown tattoo on her forehead one day.  This child cracks me up.

Our girls are alike in a lot of ways, but they're very different in many ways, too.  When Adeline gets up in the morning she wants to get in my bed or on the couch and watch TV for at least 20 minutes before she's awake enough to have a conversation.  Annabel, on the other hand, immediately goes potty, strips off her pjs, puts on dress-up clothes, and demands breakfast.
I'm not sure why I even bothered with the paper.  This paint was quickly all over the floors and all over each other.

We went to Target one night and registered for Whitt.

We painted Whitt's crib one Saturday.  I feel like we've done almost as much or more for Whitt's nursery than we did on either of the girls', but to see his room it looks like we are months away from having it done.  I think that's because third babies take a lot of prep work.  We had to clean out three closets and sell/haul off furniture before we could even get started on anything.  So far his crib is painted, his closet is empty, and he has a crib skirt on his bed.  Hah!  The rest of his bedding is on backorder and a few other things I've ordered are yet to be delivered.  Let's hope and pray everything is ready on time, because it's not looking so good right now.

Annabel slept in her crib for the last time one Saturday afternoon.  That evening we dissembled her crib and she's been sleeping in the bottom bunk in their shared room ever since.  I wanted to make that transition well in advance of Whitt's arrival so there wouldn't be too many "new" things happening at once.  We had a week or so of late nights and early morning wake-ups, but I think we're getting in the groove of things now.  They still talk a lot before ever finally falling asleep, but that's to be expected of sisters.  Just yesterday, Adeline said, "a long time ago, Annabel used to sleep in her crib in the other room.  I didn't like that.  I like for her to sleep with me so I won't be scared."  Love it!

Jon was afraid their rambunctious antics might lead to someone getting hurt by the ceiling fan while on the top bunk, so he took them to Lowe's one Sunday and let them pick out a chandelier for their room.  It has pretty little pink crystals on it.  It's perfect!

Adeline put this headband on like this one day and said, "Arrrghh..I'm a pirate!"

Annabel was being very "two" one evening and kept pushing herself away from the table and refusing to eat.

And this child is my independent one.  She will not let me help her do anything.  She thinks if Adeline can do it, so can she.

We've done a lot of fine-motor activities being stuck in the house.  I love ice cube trays because it really forces them to use the pincer or tripod grasp to get things out of it.  You can use it for small snacks or anything.

And more dress-up...  They don't sleep in these gowns.  They call them "ball gowns."

Wow...never-ending pictures for a never-ending month!  Thank goodness we made it through.  I was beginning to think I'd never see the sunshine again.

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  1. Glad to see you catching up your virtual scrapbook! It is so funny, about your girl's morning routines. My girls are exactly the same way. Haven, the firstborn, likes to snuggle, stay in jammies, needs lots of time to wake-up. Jovie, is ready to get dressed, potty, and play! Jensen just wants to eat all of the time, but he doesn't like me to change him as soon as he gets up.