Friday, February 21, 2014

First Half of February

So since I'm finally sitting down at the computer,  I'll go ahead and do another update.  Here's what we did the first half of February...

The girls begged to help me clean one morning.  I wonder how long this will last?

If you ask me, we've gotten way too much wear out of these snow day church dresses!

We got her all bundled up and she lasted outside maybe 5 minutes.  When she got back inside she said, "I don't like the snow."  I agree, sweet girl!

Handwriting Hopscotch.  If the beanbag landed on a shape, she had to draw a shape...etc.  It entertained for about 15 minutes.

Their great-aunt Audrey sent them these giant TCU purple bows.

Shape & sight word matching with clothes pins for hand strengthening.  I am using my degree for something.  :)

Adeline is getting better and better at scissors, but I have to be in a really good and patient mood before I get them out.  Know what I mean?

 The hair-washing and drying routine takes at least 45 minutes.  That's why we only do it every other night.

We took Annabel to the ENT one day.  He wants to definitely remove her tonsils and adenoids, but not until she's three.  The girls entertained each other with song and dance while we waited.

Jon took them to Cabela's while I was at work one Saturday.  Their favorite part is driving the boats.

Annabel all dressed up like a bride.

We stayed up late one night after Little Sister was in bed so we could build Adeline's Valentine box.  Jon and I covered everything with scrapbook paper and put it all together, but Adeline told us what colors to use and placed all the stickers herself.  She was so proud of it.  I put it in a safe place and hopefully we can use it for several years to come.

More dress-up!

Caught with her hand in the fruit bowl.

These purple polka dot shoes are her favorite.  I think because she can put them on by herself.  Some days I don't feel like fighting the battle and just let her wear them whether they match or not.

Fingernail stickers!

The girls spent a couple days in Texas with their grands while I stayed home to rest and host my bunco group.

I finally made it to the third trimester.  We are getting so excited for Whitt's arrival!

Tater Tot sent these lovely feathery accessories.  I thanked her very sincerely.

Nana & Happy stayed in a hotel with an indoor pool when they brought the girls back to us.  What a fun Saturday night!

Whew!  I'm caught up...mostly!

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  1. You guys have been keeping busy. Love that your girls were asking to clean, enjoy it while it lasts!! You look great.