Wednesday, March 5, 2014

February: Part 2

The end of February went by super fast, which I'm so thankful for.

We are starting to have various "warm" days sprinkled in with the frigid ones.  And by "warm," I mean upper 40s or 50s.  We broke out these spring looking dresses, finally.  I ordered these plain dresses from Zulily last year and my sweet MIL appliqu├ęd and monogrammed them.  They were huge at the time, so now they can finally wear them.

One evening Annabel felt that Jon was cold, so she found a bunch of different burp cloths and covered him up.

I ordered these turban things for their hair.  They've really cut down on hair-drying time.

One day I noticed that Adeline's pupils were enormous.  It just looked funny to me, and I'm not sure why I'd never noticed before.  Anyway, I called my friend and optometrist, Jill and she said she'd noticed the same thing at a birthday party we'd both attended.  Hah!  So anyway, it was time for my annual exam, so she checked out Adeline as well.  She's perfectly fine, that's just the way God made her.  Thankful for sweet friends, like Jill to put a worried, over-anxious Momma at peace.

We had a sunny day and got to play outside one evening.  Annabel insisted on wearing swim goggles.

We got some vaccines the other day, and Adeline got one she'd never had before (Kinrix).  She had a pretty bad reaction to it - fever & a headache - for about 15 hours, but then she was back to normal.  I felt so bad for her, though.  She kept holding her cup of ice water or juice to her head or resting her head on the cold kitchen counter.

Then the next day she was back to normal.  She was excited to wear her new strawberry dress from our friend at Elle Ollie Shop on Instagram!

One Saturday our girls got into their first fight that drew blood (just the cheek).  They were fighting over a toy.  I'm pretty sure Adeline was not trying to scratch her, but was just trying to snatch a toy back from her.  It upset Adeline way more than it did Annabel.  She came running to me as soon as it happened, "I just hurt Annabel bad bad bad!"

We Jon hung curtains in Whitt's room.

We cut out material for a pennant bunting to hang over his crib.  This is as far as we've gotten.

One glorious day I finally convinced Adeline to wear pants!  It was a miracle.

And I've been dreaming about this dresser for the nursery since I knew I was having a boy.  One day last month I finally convinced Jon that we needed it.  It may be my favorite piece of furniture in the whole house.  So, if you walk into Whitt's room right this minute, you will see a dresser, a crib that still needs some touch-up paint, some curtains that need to be hemmed, a rocking horse, and the girls' old diaper trash can.  
His bedding is on back-order, his glider should be here in about 3-5 weeks, and my dad is building a shelf to go above the changing table.  Hopefully it's all here by May.

Our little fashionista, always playing dress-up.

Whitt got a nice surprise from the Monogramming Mamas the other day!

Last Friday I took the girls to Little Giggles in Bentonville to play that morning.  That evening, we didn't really have any plans, so Jon and I took them back.  Their policy is that, once you pay that day, you can come back all day.  It's their favorite place to play.

And goodbye, February 2014.  I'm glad you're gone!

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