Thursday, March 20, 2014

March: In Like a Lion

March is already more than halfway over!  Woohoo!  We've already had quite a busy March, with still more excitement to come.

We started off the month celebrating our friend Westin turning four.

Later that night we dressed up Daddy's ears.  I got so tickled over this.  He wasn't quite as humored by it, but he was a good sport.

We celebrated it being March by wearing our new spring/Easter pjs from the Monogramming Mamas.  If you look closely at the bottom left picture, you can see that the monogram glows in the dark.  It doesn't photograph well, but it's really cool in person.  My girls LOVE these pjs and want to wear them every time they're clean.  We've been washing them a lot, and they still glow just as brightly as the first night.

The next day was Sunday and it started snowing/sleeting like I'd never seen before.  They called it "thunder sleet."  Lightning, thunder, and SLEET all day.  It was pouring out of our rain gutters like salt.  Crazy!  The girls and I both woke up with all kinds of congestion and coughs and sore throats.  We stayed in our pjs all day.

Well, except for Annabel who had to dress-up a little.

Tulip has finally started trusting the girls enough to let them rub her belly.  This has been a long time in the making.

This little one lights up our lives.  I love her sense of style when I'm brave enough to let her dress herself.  She's singing "this little light of mine" here.

I hit 30 weeks and bragged about being in the single-digit countdown since I have scheduled c-sections at 39 weeks.  However, I went to the doctor this week and we scheduled this c-section for my DUE DATE!  Ahh!!  I hope we make it that long.

I participated in my first freezer meal swap.  I think I'll be doing more of these in the future.  I just had to make 8 of one meal, then I swapped with 8 other friends and came home with 8 different meals.  Great idea!

We were so excited about Daylight Savings Time that we had to wear our bluebird outfits to church that Sunday.  We can't wait for bird-chirping weather.

We had a couple days of really warm temps so we spent a lot of time outside.  At one park outing, Annabel got so dirty we had to take her dress off before getting the carseat.  I'd say that was a successful trip to the park.

All the warmth and running around, got me a little dehydrated and I spent an evening in the ER getting fluids and meds to stop contractions.  I've been trying to rest more and drink more water.  I decided that cooking while seated is the way to go!  I might do this even after delivery.  :)

We went to the library for story time, but they weren't having it that day.  Go figure.  So, we just played on the computers, read books, and worked puzzles instead.

One morning Annabel put on her bathrobe, sat down in her little kitchen and said, "Just let me drink my coffee first, ok?"  Think she's heard that before?  Cracks me up!  PS..I do not wear a bathrobe.

We had yet another crazy snow day on a Sunday.  It rained all night Saturday night.  Sunday morning we went to church in the pouring rain and left in a blizzard.  It snowed hard all day, but thankfully it was warm enough where it didn't stick to the roads.  At one point that day, the girls entertained themselves by playing in the tub without water.

Monday was St. Patrick's Day.  Since it was a school day for the girls, I thought they needed some green on so they wouldn't get pinched.  I quickly made these little rainbow shirts to go with some green pants they already had.

Adeline LOVES to sit by me and feel Whitt move.  She giggles every time.  She's going to be such a big helper.

We took Tulip to the vet yesterday because she's losing all her teeth.  Turns out she's just old.  :(

And I need to record a few of the funny things the girls have said lately...

At church taking Annabel potty & I just cannot hold her over the toilet so I tell her she can hold onto it. 
Annabel: this potty clean?
Me: sure 
A: because God cleaned it?

Adeline: Mommy, when we get home can we watch Wizard of Oz?
Me: well that might be kind of scary for Annabel. 
A: it'll be ok. Hey Annabel, let's watch a Wizard of Oz. You don't have to be scared. It's just a movie & I will take care of you. But if you get too scared & cry then just go see Mommy because if you cry then I can't hear it.

At lunch with my girls, the lady in the booth behind us was celebrating her birthday. Annabel turned around & said, "Happy birthday!!" Adeline looked at me & whispered, "why is she not shy?"

My alarm clock one morning:
6:15(over the monitor)- A1: Annabel! Get back in bed. We can't get up yet!
--4 little feet come running down the hall--
Me: what are y'all doing? It's still sleep time. Go back to bed until your clock is orange. 
--4 little feet running back--
(Over the monitor, in unison with clapping)- give me that old time religion! It's good enough for me!

Trying to teach Adeline how to say "mouth" with the "th" sound. After several attempts & only getting "mouf" to come out, she sighs & says, "I'm trying to learn, but it's hard. I'm just a little girl."

This conversation pretty much sums up my daughters' personalities. 
A1: I don't want to get my ears pierced because I'm afraid it will hurt. 
Me: ok, you don't have to. 
A2: I want to get my ears pierced!
Me: well you have to be 4 before you can make that decision. 
A2: I am 4! 
Me: you are not. You're 2. 
A2: well I not scared.

The girls are sitting at their table coloring. 
Annabel: don't look at me!
Adeline: I can't look at you?
A2: No!
A1 (in a creepy whisper): well I'm going to!!!!

Annabel was trying to ask me if I had fun at bunco last night but she couldn't think of the word "bunco". She said "did you have fun at umm at (pause) outside the door last night?"

Before school the girls asked me what I was doing that day.  I told them I had a doctor's appointment so Whitt could have a check-up.  When I picked up Annabel that afternoon she said, "You not cry at the doctor today, Mommy?  You get a shot?"

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  1. the ear piercing and look at you whisper comments had me laughing!!