Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Whitt's Texas "Sprinkle"

I put a picture on Instagram after my shower in my hometown with the caption "small towns in the south don't care if it's your third child."  I think that's the best way to sum it up.  My mom and I have some really great friends who thought Whitt deserved just as much love and presents as his sisters got.  They threw me such a special little sprinkle for our family and close friends.  So sweet!

The hostesses and I.
Amanda, Sheryl, and Darla

The beautiful decorations & yummy food!

Cake pops...my favorite!

Whitt got so many great things! 

Photo ops with friends & family..

Whitt's 2nd cousin, Cannon

And another 2nd cousin, Shiloh & great aunt Tater Tot

Posing with Whitt's two grandmothers who already love him beyond measure.

And my two grandmothers.

Tiny with all of Whitt's sisters/cousins.  Poor guy will be surrounded by girls!

My three kids and me..wow!

And a funny memory I don't want to forget.  When I got dressed at my parents' house that morning before the shower, my dad said, "Woah! Is that the look you're going for?  I try to make mine look smaller!" while patting his belly.  My dad never fails to make me laugh.  To some this may sound rude or offensive, in our family it's affection.  I love it!

It was such a fun morning.  I can't wait for Whitt to meet all these people that already love him so dearly.

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