Sunday, April 27, 2014

Early April Happenings

Even though every day seems to drag on as we wait for Whitt's arrival, when I look back, April has really flown by.

Annabel has decided that not just crown tattoos go on your forehead.  Thankfully they wash off easily!

The girls were playing dress-up one evening and I told them to pick out what they wanted to wear to supper.  This was Adeline's choice of dinner attire.

Annabel had her first trip to the dentist.  She was a pro!  Both girls got good reports.  No cavities!

I found these great divided paint cups on pinterest and just had to have them.  They're a hit!

We had a "check us out" day at church where we were supposed to wear checks and tweet or instagram a photo of ourselves wearing checks as a way to get the word out to visit our church for Easter.  I love participating in all that kind of stuff.  I'm that girl who dressed up for every single Red Ribbon or Spirit Week or Homecoming, etc in school.  I'm pretty sure this was the first time in Jon's life he ever participated in anything like that.  I know he loves me for it.  :)

One day Adeline said, "What are those lines on my forehead?"  I told her they were wrinkles and showed her how mine did that, too.  She said, "why do you have more than me?"

I finished the crib wall in Whitt's room one Monday while the girls were at KDO.  My sweet friend, Amanda got me the print I hung by the rocking chair.  The last paragraph of the poem says, "Cleaning & scrubbing can wait 'til tomorrow, for babies grow up, as I've learned to my sorrow.  So quiet down cobwebs, dust go to sleep.  I'm rocking my baby, as babies don't keep."  I definitely get that more than I ever imagined when I was pregnant with Adeline, so I just had to have this sweet poem in Whitt's nursery.  I still can't read it without tearing up.

One day my girls shut themselves in their bathroom and Adeline yelled, "we made a big mess in here, but we don't want you to see.  You can come in when we get it all cleaned up."  Y'all!  I could have just melted.  I pray every day that God will use her sweet sweet spirit to glorify Him and bless others.

One evening Cousin Murry came to play because both her parents had work stuff.  Juliet hadn't been gone five minutes before we had her dressed like a princess and posing for pictures.  Although she doesn't look super thrilled here, she really did enjoy it.

We've had some beautiful days this month, so we've spent a lot of time outdoors.

Little Miss Independent helped herself to some jelly beans, her milk, and her bible one morning.  I love it!

Adeline loves napping with Mommy's big pillow.

My small group girls had a little "sprinkle" for Whitt and me one night at Chuy's.  This is the only picture I got, but it was such a fun night!

We've had several picnic & park play dates this month, as well.

This particular play date wore this little one out.

And here I am at 35 weeks outgrowing my maternity clothes.

My little cuties all decked out for their Easter parties at school.  (It was like 36 degrees this particular day.)

I got their big sister gifts for the hospital all wrapped and ready to go.  I can't wait to give them to them!

She wakes up with her hair almost exactly like this every single morning.

One day, about an hour after I put her down for a nap, I caught this girl playing on an old iPhone.  I asked her why she wasn't sleeping and why she'd gotten the phone without permission.  Her response was, "I came in the living room to ask you, but you were asleep and I didn't want to wake you up, so I got the phone and played quietly.  I tried to go to sleep, but somedays it's just hard hard hard for me to take a nap."  Once again, melt my heart!  She got a cookie for a reward.

One night Annabel kept asking to eat supper.  I told her we had to wait until Daddy was home.  She ran to the dollhouse, came back with this, and said, "this daddy here, let's eat!"

Adeline helping me count down....4 more weeks to go (at the point of this photo).

We are all so ready to meet Whitt!  Come on, May!

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