Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring Break

When we started planning Whitt's sprinkle, I requested we do it the weekend before Arkansas' spring break so I could spend a few days past the weekend in NB, since we wouldn't be having any of our usual activities at home.

We arrived in TX Friday afternoon.  It was a glorious 80 degrees and almost everything as already green.  So exciting to us Arkansans that have only seen snow for a million years.

The girls played with my dad's decoys like they were pets.  Adeline is carrying around a giant coyote.  Cracks me up!

I got to see my bestie, Amanda, every day for 5 days because she stayed in town the whole time I was there, as well.  It was glorious!  We got to do things like get mani/pedis, eat pizza & watch a movie, and one day we even let grandparents keep our girls while we shopped all day and enjoyed some delicious Fuzzy's tex-mex.

The girls had an applesauce picnic in Tiny's sewing room one day while she and I worked on some things for their spring/summer wardrobe.

Lots of sewing...

The trip wore this little one out so much, she slept almost two hours on the way home.  She never does that!

My recliner/rocker for Whitt's room came in while I was gone.  I was so excited to sit in it!  I rested here quite some time after we got back before I gathered up enough energy to organize all his shower goodies.

The girls played lots of dress-up.

And on Sunday we went to a little walking/nature trail near our house and explored.  Adeline was fascinated by all the fossils.  That's a pretty hard concept to explain to a four year old.

All our spring break fun was quite exhausting!

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