Monday, September 15, 2014

Oh, September, How I Love You!

My favorite month is already halfway over!  How did that happen?  This is what we've been up to this month....

Jon and I celebrated our SEVENTH wedding anniversary!  We took this picture that day.  Hah!  Just kidding.  This photo was taken the day we got married at a very casual bonfire with our closest friends and families that night after the ceremony.  I was such a happy girl and he still makes me a very happy girl on a daily basis.

Whitt is a full-time, non-swaddling crib sleeper now.  Yay!  The only thing is, he likes to push his face and/or head up against the bumpers (just like his sisters did) which makes me a nervous wreck.  However, I just keep telling myself his sisters did the same thing and he's so mobile now, I know he could roll away if he needed to.

His sisters had fun decorating or tormenting him while he was in his exersaucer one day.

Jon told me not to put this picture on social media, so I didn't.  My blog doesn't count because it's my scrapbook, right?  I was cooking dinner one night and the girls were laughing hysterically.  I walked around the island to see what the commotion was all about.  I laughed hysterically, too.  Jon did not.

We've had a lot of rainy days this month.  One morning all three of my babies piled in bed with me.  I wanted to stay there all day, but in reality it only lasted about 15 minutes.
Adeline started tap this year.  We are so excited!  She's done ballet for about three years now, and this year she was finally old enough to add tap.  She calls it "tap tap."

My girls one Friday morning before we took Adeline to school.

And when you can't carry the baby AND the laundry back to the bedroom, you put the baby in the laundry basket.  Problem solved!

Adeline's been taking piano since this summer, but we aren't always so good about practicing.  So, when we do practice, I like to document it..hah!  She loves that piano sometimes involves coloring sheets.  When I had the grand idea of enrolling her in piano, I didn't really think it through.  I was imagining it to be like dance.  Something I can take her to once a week and she can learn something.  Duh!  I took piano once, too.  I just forgot about all the practice it involves.  However, she loves it and is doing so well.  She knows where Middle C & G is.  She can play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in its entirety, and she's learning all about rhythm and other musical aspects.  She really has a knack for music so I think this is something she will excel at.  If only her parents will remember to help her practice!

One of the rainy days we've had this month has fallen on a Saturday.  We spent all day in our pjs.

Adeline was supposed to be napping one Sunday afternoon.  She snuck out of her room and cuddled on the couch with her daddy.

Our friend Katie Lane had a birthday swimming party and look who came to visit!  There were a lot of excited little girls there!

Jon had his company picnic that same day.  All that partying wore Little Brother out.
 We had a big giant harvest blood moon last week.  It messed with my kids' heads.  Annabel and Adeline were up for over an hour in the middle of the night two different nights that week.  Crazy!  They never do that.  This little stinker was proud of herself the next morning.

Typical September weather...some days it's cold and rainy, some days hot and sunny.  We spent one of the hot and sunny afternoons outside.  Whitt can sit up in the grass, but not inside on the hard floor.  I guess the grass gives him a little extra support.

Love this girl's sense of style.

And Annabel finally got to start "school" or Kids Day Out.  She was ecstatic to finally get to go.

Whitt got a runny nose, cough, and low-grade fever last week.  I was so worried about him, but the doctor checked him all out and couldn't find anything wrong other than two tiny little bottom teeth trying to come through.  We've done lots of snuggling in between nose suctions and tylenol administrations.

This little Goldilocks said about her oatmeal one morning: I don't like it too hot or too cold, I like it just right.

Getting so big!

But still likes to sleep in Mommy's arms.  :)

Annabel got a princess greenhouse for her birthday from a friend.  Jon and the girls got it all set up yesterday.  They can't wait for the flowers to grow.

She said, "put this 'stamp' on my forehead, please!"  She keeps us laughing.

Up next...Annabel's birthday party!

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  1. I love this!! I am glad I can follow you again since i'm off social media. 1) I see that pregnancy pillow hiding in the picture, girl...;) 2) W is SO big!! He has changed a LOT!! :) adorable family.