Tuesday, June 14, 2011


This is a little late, but our internet has been acting up & we finally got it fixed today.  Our weekend was full of fellowships with friends & family.  Friday I had my dreaded glucose test, so I took Adeline to play with Shannon & Westin since I knew it would be a long appointment.  For some reason they didn't have me on the schedule to see a doctor, so I just had the test done and left.  Friday night we met Shane & Juliet for dinner, then we walked around the Promenade a bit.  It took us both to keep Adeline from getting in the fountain.

Saturday I had to work at the rehab hospital, so Jon & Adeline got some good father/daughter time in.  Jon took Adeline to her friend Ava's 2nd birthday party.  I asked him to please get some pictures of Adeline in her cute party dress and some of Ava opening presents, but Adeline was having none of it.  She latched onto Jon the entire party & would not let him put her down.  We got this one of the kids on the couch, but you can see how happy Adeline was about it.

Meanwhile, I was at work doing therapy in a gym with no air conditioning!  I took a picture of myself cooling off in front of the oscillating fan so I could send it to Jon for some sympathy.

Saturday evening we met up with our church small group for a picnic in the park.  I don't know what Adeline's deal is, but she is not liking big groups of people these days.  She had a bit of a freak-out when we first got to the park as well, but calmed down shortly.  It was such a beautiful evening.  It got a little cloudy & windy, so the weather was perfect.  Jon took this really cool picture of the sky.

 Adeline emptied out every one of Westin's toys.

 Sliding with her BFF.

 Giving mulch to Payton.
 Her favorite gymnastics move.
 Sitting on bench L to R: Kellen, Zach, Adeline, Westin
Sitting on ground L to R:  Colson, Payton, Parker
These group pictures turned out much better than the birthday ones.  :)

Sunday we went to church.

I was dreading the whole way there because I just knew Adeline would throw a major fit when we tried to leave her in the nursery, but God answered my prayers & Shannon & Cody were working in her classroom!  There were no tears at all!  

Sunday afternoon we took a family trip to the Aquatic Center and Adeline wore a ponytail for the first time.  She looks like such a big kid it just makes me want to cry!

Monday morning we spent rushing from the grocery store, to gymnastics, then to my doctor's appointment where Adeline was a perfect angel during the hour long wait.  I also passed my glucose test with flying colors, so YAY!  Annabel's heart rate was 156 and everything is looking good.  

While Jon cooked dinner, I added more initials to my girls' bow hanger.  I figured with two girls, we're going to need more room!

Today Adeline started with her new summer-time nanny since her old nanny is just about have a baby any day now.  Kalee is a college student at the U of A and is from our hometown.  She sent me this picture today and it just melted my heart.
I think Adeline and Kalee are going to have a great summer together!


  1. I am laughing at Zach's expression looking at Adeline on the couch in the b-day pic! I don't think he knew how to handle her! Looks like you had a fun weekend!

  2. Looks like you guys had a super fun and busy weekend! Love the pic of Adeline and her artwork!!! We need to hang out soon!