Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wednesday - Friday

Adeline had her first full week with her new summer-time nanny, Kalee.  I've always been so nervous to let Adeline ride in the car with anyone driving but Jon or me.  However, since Kalee wasn't going to be bringing any other children with her and since Adeline has started acting so scared to be around other kids, I decided she needed to get out and do some things.  Kalee took her to the Springdale library on Wednesday for Toddler Time and she ran into her friend Ava!

 Then after lunch, they spent some time at the park up the road from here.

Thursday they had plans to attend Kid's Day at the Fayetteville Farmer's Market, but it was rainy & stormy, so they just stayed home instead.  I think she & Kalee had a great week and I'm hoping Adeline will be less anxious around others by the end of the summer.  

I had Water Week at work all week.  That means 10 straight hours a day outside doing therapy in the water.  Well, the kids are in the water, the therapists are in the heat.  It was fun though and the kids loved it!  

As if I didn't get enough sun & water all week, we decided to go to the Bentonville Splash Park on Friday with some friends.

See my child hiding her face & crying when I put her next to the other children for a picture?

We still had a great time and spent the afternoon napping.  Last night I was craving some homemade pizza.  I did a bit of research and we decided to try out Geraldi's in Fayetteville.  The food was absolutely delicious, but Adeline was AWFUL!  She would not sit in her hi-chair, she would not eat, and she would not let Jon hold her.  She only wanted to sit in my slowly shrinking lap.  Every time Jon would try to get her she'd scream "NO!" as loud as she could.  I even swatted her on the leg once which only led to more screaming and crying.  By the time we left I could just about see steam coming out of Jon's ears.  So much for me getting a cannoli for dessert like I had planned.  I hate upsetting other diners just as much as Jon does, but I try not to let it bother me as much.  I know that experiences like those are only going to become more frequent as the Terrible Twos come upon us.  Plus, we'll also be dealing with another one at the same time.  However, I think Jon has just about sworn off all restaurants until our girls are at least 5!  
At least she looked precious while she was acting like a little monster.  :)

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  1. Lindsey, have you tried bringing stuff for her to do? I never take Brendan to a restaurant without books to read, coloring books (those colorwonder markers/paper are awesome), and/or dry-erase books. Sometimes Brendan still gets antsy but it helps!

    PS I'm glad she is having a good time with her new nanny! :)