Monday, June 27, 2011

27 Weeks - 3rd Trimester

It's so hard for me to believe I'm already in the THIRD TRIMESTER!  This pregnancy is flying by.
When Jon took this, he said, "I think Adeline got in the picture."  So we took another one.  It wasn't until I put them on the computer that I realized I had to include this shot.  I laughed so hard I almost cried.  It's like she's saying, "Woah baby, that belly is HUGE!"

Size of baby: Annabel is the size of an eggplant (16 in long & 2.5 lbs)
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 13lbs..I lost 2 last week
Maternity Clothes:  I'm in all maternity clothes now except for some dresses.  When I was pregnant with Adeline and started getting really big, I would wear Jon's shirts around the house.  Finally, I admitted that even his size mediums weren't working and I went & bought some larges.  I've already started wearing those to sleep in.  
Gender:   Sweet baby girl
Movement: She is moving a lot.  I feel her all over now.  Still pretty low at times, but also high so I think she's taking up a lot of room.
Sleep: I'm sleeping ok still, but my hips have started hurting again.
What I miss: Not getting exhausted and short of breath from every little thing.
Cravings: Anything cold.  I want cold food for every meal.  Last week I made lasagna and I usually love lasagna, but the thought of putting hot food in my mouth made me cringe.
Symptoms: I get hot so easily.  I love going on walks and being outside, but I can't stand it for long at all.  When I get too hot I just feel so exhausted and my heart starts racing.  I'm also having the rapid heart rate after meals just as bad as with Adeline again.
Best Moment this week: Being able to say I'm in the 3rd trimester.  We're so ready to meet little Annabel Brynn!

And for those of you who still believe I'm smaller this time around, here's proof that I'm NOT!  :)
Me at 27 weeks pregnant with Adeline.

And 27 weeks pregnant with Annabel.

Yet another reason to re-use maternity clothes...they make for perfect comparisons.  :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Continuing Education

I left Adeline for longer than I ever have this past weekend.  A co-worker and I went to DFW for a continuing education course on handwriting.  I was so nervous and anxious before leaving.  The thought of spending my days off without my girl was just heartbreaking.  However, her grandmas came in town and I think they all really enjoyed each other's company.  They also did a great job of sending me pictures throughout the day so I wouldn't feel too far away.

Katie and I left Thursday morning.  Adeline stayed with Kalee until Jon and the grandmas got there Thursday afternoon.  I got an "eating dinner" text.
 And a "going for a walk" text.
 And a "night night" text.
Katie and I got to eat at my favorite Tex-Mex place, Cristina's then shop at the outdoor mall in Southlake.  We found a great deal on some linen pants at J Crew so we each got a pair for $15.  I'm saving mine for post-maternity, of course.

Our course started first thing Friday morning.  I got a "good morning" text.
 And an "I'm so happy Tulip is back home" text.
A "learning about puzzles & shapes" text.
 And a "playing the piano with Daddy" text.
 And an "I just woke up from my nap and now I'm eating my snack" text.

Katie and I went for lunch at Pei Wei, and did a bit more browsing at NorthEast Mall that night.  We had more education on Saturday.  I got another "good morning" text.
 And a few "playing in the dirt & sprinkler" texts.

 And a "lunch at Chick-fil-A" text.
 And an "I climbed up & slid down all by myself" text!
 And another "just woke up from nap" text.
 And a "drinking lots of sweet tea so I can wait up for you....just kidding" text.
 And the last "night night" text.

We made it back about 11:00 last night.  I went in and patted my sweet sleeping baby then tried really hard to go to sleep.  I slept maybe 3.5 hours.  I woke up pacing at 5:45 just waiting for Adeline to get up.  At 7:30 (her usual waking time) she still hadn't woken.  At 7:45 I decided I couldn't stand it any longer so I just woke her up.  She was so happy to see me, but I think I was still happier.  
So happy to be reunited with my little family!

I'm glad Adeline had a good weekend with her grandmas.  And I learned a lot at my course so I'm glad I went, I just don't think I'm going to be able to part with my girl for a long time.  I'm spending the rest of the day cleaning up and snuggling.  

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there, but most of all, Happy Father's Day to the three most important dads in my life.

First of all, Happy Father's Day to my father in-law, Tommy.
I couldn't ask for a better dad in-law.  He is loving, kind, and patient.  He is a fantastic grandfather.  He would do anything for us.  Thank you, Tommy, for loving us so much!

Secondly, Happy Father's Day to my daddy, Dale.  
I will always be my daddy's girl.  He taught me how a man should love a woman.  He has always been my biggest supporter.  He always lets me know how much he loves me and how proud of me he is.  We are exactly alike, which sometimes leads to arguing and butting heads, but I love knowing there's someone else in this world who thinks just like I do.  My poor mom, having to live with 2 "Whittingtons" all those years!  I love you, Daddy.  Thank you for everything you've sacrificed and all the love you've always given me.

Lastly, Happy Father's Day to the Daddy of my girls, Jon.
I thank God everyday for putting this man in my life.  I would not want anyone else on this parenthood journey with me.  He can be having the worst day, but the light in his eyes when he sees Adeline just melts my heart.  When he's home and she wakes up from a nap or in the morning, he always says, "Can I go get her?"  Sometimes we race down the hall to see who can get there first.  I love that he loves her just as much as I do.  I love that he would rather be with us than doing anything else.  I love that he's just as excited about having girl #2 as I am.  He is my rock when I'm in mommy panic mode.  When Adeline gets hurt or sick, he remains calm and takes care of the situation while I freak out.  I love you, Jon, more than you will ever know.
And on a different note, Happy 30th Anniversary to my parents!

My parents did something I'm so glad I did not do and something I so hope my girls don't do.  They got married at the very young age of 18.  But unlike most, they've stuck it out and made it work.  There was never any screaming or fighting in my house.  My parents were a team and I always knew it.  I never heard the words, "Ok, but don't tell your dad."  They work together on literally everything they do.  They are each other's best friends.  They taught me what a marriage is supposed to look like.  Thank you, Mom & Dad for being the best role models.  I hope we all get to celebrate anniversary #60!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wednesday - Friday

Adeline had her first full week with her new summer-time nanny, Kalee.  I've always been so nervous to let Adeline ride in the car with anyone driving but Jon or me.  However, since Kalee wasn't going to be bringing any other children with her and since Adeline has started acting so scared to be around other kids, I decided she needed to get out and do some things.  Kalee took her to the Springdale library on Wednesday for Toddler Time and she ran into her friend Ava!

 Then after lunch, they spent some time at the park up the road from here.

Thursday they had plans to attend Kid's Day at the Fayetteville Farmer's Market, but it was rainy & stormy, so they just stayed home instead.  I think she & Kalee had a great week and I'm hoping Adeline will be less anxious around others by the end of the summer.  

I had Water Week at work all week.  That means 10 straight hours a day outside doing therapy in the water.  Well, the kids are in the water, the therapists are in the heat.  It was fun though and the kids loved it!  

As if I didn't get enough sun & water all week, we decided to go to the Bentonville Splash Park on Friday with some friends.

See my child hiding her face & crying when I put her next to the other children for a picture?

We still had a great time and spent the afternoon napping.  Last night I was craving some homemade pizza.  I did a bit of research and we decided to try out Geraldi's in Fayetteville.  The food was absolutely delicious, but Adeline was AWFUL!  She would not sit in her hi-chair, she would not eat, and she would not let Jon hold her.  She only wanted to sit in my slowly shrinking lap.  Every time Jon would try to get her she'd scream "NO!" as loud as she could.  I even swatted her on the leg once which only led to more screaming and crying.  By the time we left I could just about see steam coming out of Jon's ears.  So much for me getting a cannoli for dessert like I had planned.  I hate upsetting other diners just as much as Jon does, but I try not to let it bother me as much.  I know that experiences like those are only going to become more frequent as the Terrible Twos come upon us.  Plus, we'll also be dealing with another one at the same time.  However, I think Jon has just about sworn off all restaurants until our girls are at least 5!  
At least she looked precious while she was acting like a little monster.  :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


This is a little late, but our internet has been acting up & we finally got it fixed today.  Our weekend was full of fellowships with friends & family.  Friday I had my dreaded glucose test, so I took Adeline to play with Shannon & Westin since I knew it would be a long appointment.  For some reason they didn't have me on the schedule to see a doctor, so I just had the test done and left.  Friday night we met Shane & Juliet for dinner, then we walked around the Promenade a bit.  It took us both to keep Adeline from getting in the fountain.

Saturday I had to work at the rehab hospital, so Jon & Adeline got some good father/daughter time in.  Jon took Adeline to her friend Ava's 2nd birthday party.  I asked him to please get some pictures of Adeline in her cute party dress and some of Ava opening presents, but Adeline was having none of it.  She latched onto Jon the entire party & would not let him put her down.  We got this one of the kids on the couch, but you can see how happy Adeline was about it.

Meanwhile, I was at work doing therapy in a gym with no air conditioning!  I took a picture of myself cooling off in front of the oscillating fan so I could send it to Jon for some sympathy.

Saturday evening we met up with our church small group for a picnic in the park.  I don't know what Adeline's deal is, but she is not liking big groups of people these days.  She had a bit of a freak-out when we first got to the park as well, but calmed down shortly.  It was such a beautiful evening.  It got a little cloudy & windy, so the weather was perfect.  Jon took this really cool picture of the sky.

 Adeline emptied out every one of Westin's toys.

 Sliding with her BFF.

 Giving mulch to Payton.
 Her favorite gymnastics move.
 Sitting on bench L to R: Kellen, Zach, Adeline, Westin
Sitting on ground L to R:  Colson, Payton, Parker
These group pictures turned out much better than the birthday ones.  :)

Sunday we went to church.

I was dreading the whole way there because I just knew Adeline would throw a major fit when we tried to leave her in the nursery, but God answered my prayers & Shannon & Cody were working in her classroom!  There were no tears at all!  

Sunday afternoon we took a family trip to the Aquatic Center and Adeline wore a ponytail for the first time.  She looks like such a big kid it just makes me want to cry!

Monday morning we spent rushing from the grocery store, to gymnastics, then to my doctor's appointment where Adeline was a perfect angel during the hour long wait.  I also passed my glucose test with flying colors, so YAY!  Annabel's heart rate was 156 and everything is looking good.  

While Jon cooked dinner, I added more initials to my girls' bow hanger.  I figured with two girls, we're going to need more room!

Today Adeline started with her new summer-time nanny since her old nanny is just about have a baby any day now.  Kalee is a college student at the U of A and is from our hometown.  She sent me this picture today and it just melted my heart.
I think Adeline and Kalee are going to have a great summer together!