Monday, July 1, 2013

Fireworks at the Crosses

Our church had their 6th annual fireworks show last night.  It's one of my favorite church events of the year!

First, we met our small group for dinner before heading to the church.  We've been a part of this group for five years now and they feel like family.  We all love each other and would do anything for any one of us.  Our group keeps growing and getting crazier with each kid we have, but it's so much fun and I love doing life with them!

There's quite a long wait from when we get there and when the fireworks start, so the kids just run wild and play while we listen to our pastor baptize over 100 people!  Praise God for that!
 I love this sweet, thumb-sucking Caroline!

Adeline was really just ready to see the fireworks from the time she woke up yesterday morning.  She found a lawn-chair her size (not ours) and made herself comfortable.

Annabel and Henry hanging out with Ashley.

And our attempt at getting a picture of the babies in their smocked flag outfits.

Annual family picture in front of the crosses.

If Annabel wasn't sampling everyone's snacks, she was throwing and chasing after a ball.

Ruffle butt...

Payton and Adeline had the best time playing with a balloon that had popped.

Almost time for the fireworks to start!

And right after this picture, Annabel jumped in my lap and whined most of the next 30+ minutes.  She kept shaking her head no and saying, "Fireworks, fireworks!"

She kept going from mine, to Kasey's, to Jon's laps.  I think she thought one of us would eventually get the message and take her out of there.  She wasn't hysterical, though, just was a bit scared of them.

Adeline, on the other hand, has never once acted scared and was just in awe.

After we left we kept asking Annabel if she liked the pretty fireworks and if she wanted to see some more.  She said, "No!" but then this morning when she got up she said, "Fireworks 'pity'!" (pretty) and when I asked if she wanted to see more she nodded yes.  I guess she decided they weren't so bad after all!

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