Monday, July 1, 2013

The Week Kasey Came to Visit

We were so thrilled when my little cousin Kasey decided she was ready to leave home for a week and come stay with us.  Every time we go to Texas and the girls see Kasey they are just in love and follow her around everywhere.  I've been telling her for a while now she needs to come stay a week with us.  She decided this year was the year and we were beside ourselves with excitement!

My mom brought her to me when I met her halfway to get the girls back last Tuesday.  I knew it was going to be a good week when she entertained them in the car all the way home then played in the playroom with them while I unpacked!

On Wednesday we went to the mall to play in the gymnastics place and do a little shopping.

And we went on a walk that night.  Why is she growing up so quickly?

Thursday it was absolutely sweltering!  We went to the Springdale Aquatic Center that afternoon and had a blast, but I didn't get any pictures.  It was so nice having two sets of hands to help with the girls in the water.

That evening the girls played outside and it was so hot, even Annabel's eyebrows were sweating.

We beat the heat with some popsicles.

And some skinny dipping for the little girls.

That night we stayed up late and watched a movie.  Adeline wanted to join in on the "big girl" fun.

On Friday we had a Fayetteville day.  I took Kasey all around downtown and hit some fun little local shops.

We found some fun Arkansas shirts and some new shoes (what girl doesn't love shoes?).

We got some books and watched the birds take a bath at Nightbird Books.

We ate lunch at Rick's.  Kasey got a razorback sugar cookie.

That night we met John, Ashley, and Henry at Hammontree's for dinner and afterwards some yogurt at Orange Leaf, then Ashley gave us a tour of the UofA campus.

We tried to get some pictures of the little kids.  They weren't being very cooperative, but still very cute nonetheless.

Saturday morning we loaded up and went to White Water in Branson.  It was our first time to go and we had a blast!
I finally talked Kasey into doing this slide as we were leaving.  She admitted afterward that it was the most fun one all day.  Jon did the really tall one you can see in the very left.  He said he had second thoughts for a minute once he got up there, but enjoyed it.  My excuse was I had to watch the girls.  :)

After the water park we hit up Mel's Hard Luck Diner.  It was a fun, casual place to eat.  The food was yummy and the waiters entertained us with singing.  It was a first for all of us, but a lot of fun.

Adeline had been asking for ice cream all day, so we ordered this ginormous banana split for dessert.  I don't think we even ate half of it.  Oh well, it was a lot of fun!  I think the girls caused more of a scene eating this thing than the singing waiters.

And sweet baby girl passed out on the way home.

Sunday was church day!  It was our church's patriotic of my favorite ones of the year!

Last night we all attended the annual Fireworks at the Crosses and had a fantastic time.  That's another post.

I am so glad Kasey came to spend the week with us.  We all love her so much and I know we'll miss her terribly.  Looking forward to next time!

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