Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Visiting Grandparents

Last week, my mom and Jon's mom came in town to go to swim lessons with us Thursday & Friday.

Adeline helped her Tiny monogram the beach towels we got for their swim teachers.

Nana spoiled them with ice cream.

Then on Friday after swim lessons, the grandmas took the girls home with them to Texas.  I got lots of pictures like this updating me on what they were doing.  When the girls go to Texas without Jon or I, the grandparents split them up so they get some one on one time.  They'll switch kids halfway through the visit.

Playing at Dairy Queen...

Breakfast with Big T

Visiting Ginga (my grandmother)

Petting Kitty & Brushing Rocky

Visiting Baby Shiloh

Swimming at MiMi's (my other grandmother)

Swimming wears a girl out..

Mad because their carseats wouldn't fit on the church bus...

Playing on the bus while everyone else finishes eating...

Good morning!

Ready for church...

Swimming at Nana's

Jon and I did some fun things, too.  Like sleeping in, going to a movie, to church, and some lake time with our dear friends the Rausches and Lieuxs.  Jon skiied for the first time and I surprisingly got up and skiied on the first try for the first time in at least 10 years!

Playing at the park...

More swimming..

And I'm so happy that my TCU flowerbed is blooming.  I love all the purple!

I hosted bunco at my house Monday night. I had a light summery menu.

The girls and both their grandparents got together for dinner and homemade ice cream on their last night.

I met them in Y City yesterday to get them back.

This is the first time Adeline has really realized what it meant to leave.  She cried when I was buckling her in the car and told me she didn't want to go, she wanted to stay with me.  Jon's mom knew we'd gotten a sandbox and had plans to put it together while the girls were in Texas.  She said, "Don't you want to come with us?  Mommy and Daddy are going to have a surprise for you when you get home."  That's what did it for her.  She said, "Ok, Mommy.  I'm going to miss you, but I will see you again in just a few days."  What a big girl!

As soon as we pulled up at home yesterday she said, "Where's my surprise?"  Hah!

Anyone who knows my obsessive compulsion for clean floors knows this is a BIG sacrifice for me.  :)

We are so blessed to have such loving grandparents in our lives.  

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