Saturday, June 22, 2013

Swim Ranch 2013

We just finished a marathon week of swim lessons.

This was Annabel's first year, so I had both girls in back-to-back classes.  They're both still young enough where I have to be in the water with them.  Thank goodness we have such a sweet babysitter who tagged along with us the first three days and awesome grandmothers who came from Texas for the rest of the week to help with all the changing of clothes and watching & waiting.

On Monday it was raining, but not lightning, so swim lessons were still on!  The water was heated, but we still just about froze.  Poor little Adeline was shivering and chattering like crazy.  Thank goodness the rest of the week was warm and sunny!

We saw this rainbow in the sky Monday night.  It was a good omen for the rest of the week.  I've never seen a rainbow so brilliant before.  We could distinctly see every color.

Adeline had three of her best friends in her class with her this year.  We had so much fun with Payton, Parker, and Hailey!

I think swim lessons wore my girls out as much as it did me.  I had to wake Annabel up almost every morning.

 I love how curly Adeline's hair gets when it air-dries.

And we didn't just swim at the pool.  They swam all over the kitchen, as well.

Adeline did so well this year.  I feel like she will definitely be ready for the 4 year old class next year where she'll swim in a lane with just the teachers while Mommy gets to watch.

Even though she didn't want her picture made with Ms. Susan, she absolutely loved swim lessons.  She even swam across the pool to me with just her buoy on.  I was so proud!

Annabel was in the young baby class.  She wasn't the oldest, but not the youngest either.  Unlike many of her classmates, she never cried and loved every minute, especially the toys & cookie at the end.  :)

In typical Annabel fashion, she was a lot less timid than Adeline and had no qualms jumping right in without even holding my hand.  This child is a daredevil!

What a fun, but exhausting week!  We can't wait to do it all again next year!

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