Monday, June 10, 2013

Texas Adventure: Part 3

We spent Thursday night at my parents' house.  Thursday was an exhausting day of traveling and dealing with cranky babies.  I think that's why God made sleeping babies such a sweet sight.  So at the end of a particularly difficult day you can watch your sweet babies sleeping and feel an overwhelming sense of love and excitement to do it all over again tomorrow.

Friday we had lunch with my grandparents, then the girls napped at my MIL's while my mom, my BFF Amanda, and I did a little shopping in Texarkana.  Adeline was playing with my grandmother's collection of salt & pepper shakers here.

That evening we stayed at Tiny & Big T's house.  We had lots of summertime fun outside blowing bubbles, riding in wagons, swinging, playing in the garden, etc....

Annabel was eating more of the bubbles than she was blowing, so every time she'd say, "bubble" a giant bubble would come out of her mouth.  It was hilarious!

They love their cousin Murry.

Summertime in the country is so much fun.

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