Monday, June 10, 2013

Texas Adventure: Part 2 - Joe T's

Then it was finally time to go to my all-time favorite restaurant.  Joe T Garcia's!!  We took a few pictures by the pool before leaving.

My cousin Cari and I both went to TCU and were both in the same sorority, so we took a picture of our future Kappa Alpha Theta Horned Frogs.  :)

We ate and then it wasn't long before we needed to get up and walk around.  Joe T's has so many great qualities, one of course being the atmosphere.

Eventually they got tired of watching the fountain and decided they needed coins to throw in.  Since we'd walked away from our table, we didn't have any.  My girls took matters into their own hands and fished them out, then passed them to their cousins to throw in.

This guy felt sorry for them, I guess and came and emptied out his pockets for them.  So sweet!

By the time we left my girls were soaking wet, so there was nothing left to do, but go for a night swim when we got home.
I think Annabel looks like a football player here.  :)

That was the end of our Fort Worth Cousins Week trip.  The next morning we packed up, did a little shopping and lunch with Cari and Ashley, then headed back to New Boston.

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