Monday, June 10, 2013

Texas Adventure: Part 2 - Children's Museum

The next morning we got an early start for our busy day.  First, we had to get some food fuel and a little reading done with cousin Judd.

Then it was off to the Children's Museum!

Checking out the "nake" as Annabel calls snakes.

Adeline and cousin Dylan taking care of the babies in the hospital.

Annabel the ambulance driver.

We found a giant light bright.  So much fun!

Water tables!

I think this was my girls' favorite part.  It was an interactive movie where the chairs moved, etc.  At one point a dinosaur comes on screen and roars and you get water sprayed in your face.  Annabel loved to tell everyone who asked what the dinosaur did, "Spit, spit! Leg!"

Shopping in the pretend store.

My grandmother used to take me to this museum every time I'd go visit her, so it brought back many fond memories.  They have completely redone it lately and my girls loved it.  If you live in the Fort Worth area and have small children, go check it out!

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