Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Summertime Fun

We've had quite the busy August and I got way behind on blogging, so bear with me.  Let me start where I left off.  We got back from our trip to Texas and spent a few days just playing at home.

This little one woke up from nap one afternoon very cranky.  She wanted to sit in my lap, but refused to look at me.  I took her picture anyway.

We tried on all our dance clothes one day to see what fit and what stuff we needed to buy.  Annabel thought it was fun to put on every skirt we owned.

My girls have the sweetest daddy.  He dances with them all the time and plays the part of Adeline's prince.  Adeline has become obsessed with princesses getting married.  She talks about it all the time.  Adeline: I like it when the prince & princess get married.
Jon: Do you want to get married?
A: Yes.  Who is going to choose?
J: You get to choose.
A: I choose you, Daddy.  You going to be my prince.

Adeline's also had a giant growth spurt this month.  Thank goodness it's acceptable for your pjs to be high-waters.

Annabel wants to wear these Cinderella house shoes all the time.  I think she likes them because she can put them on herself.

Some friends of ours got a box at a Natural's game one evening.  The kids were so excited when the mascot, Strike, came by to visit.

Annabel and Caroline being silly.

We had a backyard play date at our house one Friday.  It was unseasonably cool..like 65 degrees cool.  We had the best time.

This little explosion of personality makes me laugh every day.  This is her favorite dress-up attire.  Adeline tries to tell her every time that princesses don't wear hats.

I worked one Saturday, so Jon dressed the girls in athletic clothes and sandals and took them to Cabela's.  I think they think that place is a playground just like going to Boingo Bounce or something.

That night Juliet and Murry came to visit and we spent all evening outside.  These girls were cracking us up.  Annabel was in the driver's seat, but Adeline was pushing the gas and Murry was steering the car.

Aunt Juliet brought Adeline a Cinderella doll.  She was so excited and said, "That was so sweet of Juliet to give me this Cinderella!"

Annabel is still going strong in her "my do it" attitude.  Sometimes she's more independent than Adeline.

On Sunday night of August 18 she decided it was time to pee in the potty.  She's been doing it ever since.  A lot of times she doesn't even tell me she's gone.  I just happen to notice the potty being full or her running around with no bottoms on.  It's so true that if you wait until they're ready, your life is so much easier!

A few funny conversations...
Adeline: When you & Daddy got married did you kiss?
Me: Yes
A: And then did you ride away on the boat & wave bye bye to all the mermaids?

Adeline: May I have another tiara, please?
Jon:  You mean tortilla?

Adeline: I drank all my water at church and my teacher gave me more, but I didn't use manners and say 'thank you'
Me: We need to always use manners.  Just ask Jesus to help you.
A: Well, when I go to Heaven to Jesus' house, then I'll use my manners.

Adeline: Mommy's got whiskers on her eyes.
Me: Whiskers or wrinkles?
A: Wrinkles!
Jon: Well, she is about to be 30.

I touched a bruise on Annabel's forehead the other day.
Annabel: Bery owie, Mommy!  No ma'am!

Out to eat dinner in a restaurant with very close tables..
Adeline: I ready to get old so I can go see Jesus.
Then pointing & shouting: Look!  That lady right there is old!

As I was putting Adeline to bed the other night she said: You ready for me to go to bed so you can watch Duck Dynasty?
(They pick up on EVERYTHING!)

If you are my friend on Facebook you've already seen all of these, but this is a much better place of keeping up with them all so I had to record my favorites.

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