Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Last Month of the Summer!

**I will blog about Disney World when I receive my photo CD.

By August every year I'm pretty much tired of Summer.  I've had enough heat and no routine.  I'm ready for cool breezes and KDO and Bible study and football.  However, I'm not wishing away the time and I'm going to enjoy August as much as I can before the busy-ness of Fall begins.

We had our mail held while we were in Florida and I went to pick it up the day after we got back.  I was so excited to go through all of this.  I love mail and I'm going to be so sad when they stop running on Saturdays.  I think that's coming up this month, actually.  :(

Another thing I was so excited about when we got home?  A home-cooked meal!  Eating out every meal got old fast, real fast.

A lot of this post is going to be about Annabel, because she is just about taking up every ounce of my attention and energy these days.  Her personality is really developing, which is so very fun, but what's not very fun, is that the "Terrible 2s" is rearing its ugly head.  She amazes me with what comes out of her mouth these days.  Adeline was not talking nearly this much at her age.  I think having an older sister plays a BIG role.  The other day she told me, "sit down, Mommy!" and when I did, she climbed right in my lap.  I'll take those cuddles any chance I can get.

These girls have been even more obsessed with princesses since we've been back.  They want to watch Ariel or Cinderella nearly every day.

Adeline had us all pretending we were mermaids the other day.

Tiny came to visit us last week, and we had some fun family time with Shane, Juliet, and Murry, but I didn't get any pictures!  Shame on me.

Saturday morning it stormed so loud it woke me up at 6:15.  I felt pretty rested so I decided to go ahead and get up.  I made myself a cup of coffee, settled into a cozy chair with God's word and my puppy dog and listened to it rain.  It was the most comfortable and relaxed I've been in a long time.  It was so dark and rainy that my whole family stayed in bed until 9:00.  That will go down as one of my most favorite Saturday mornings ever.  Side note - it ended up raining 4 inches in 4 hours that morning!

When Tiny came she brought us a lot of veggies from my parents' garden.  We've been eating them all week.  One of my favorite things about summer!

Saturday afternoon the sun came out, so Mollie & Stephen invited us to go to the lake with them and Mollie's parents.  These three girls loved riding in the boat together.  Mr. Fred even let Adeline drive us, and the girls and Jon got to go for a swim after dinner.  They have a big inflatable slide on their dock where you can slide into the lake.  Annabel had no fear and went down it immediately.  It took Adeline a few times of watching Sister go before she decided she could do it, too.

And Sunday was church day.  The girls accessorized with their pretty necklaces from their cousin Cari.

Mollie volunteered in Annabel's class that morning and she sent me this sweet picture of our two cuties rocking together.  We love Caroline!

Annabel's favorite phrase these days is, "My do it!"  It takes her approximately 20 minutes to finish a carton of yogurt, but she is not about to let me help her with even one bite.  Frustrates me to no end!

After lunch, Adeline said, "I want to go catch frogs, Daddy."  I told him he better take her or never blame me that she's too girly again.  They didn't catch any frogs, but they did find some crawfish and rollie-polies.

Sunday night the young, married adults from church had a sand volleyball tournament.  Mollie and I were two of the only girls in our class who were both in town and not pregnant, so we were automatically recruited.

It was a lot of fun.  We won our first game, but lost the next two, and I'm still nursing a foot injury, but I'm looking forward to playing again.  Another side note - when I was sitting and watching, I was actually cold.  Who would have thought in August?

And here's Annabel crying actual tears after a hysterical meltdown over not being able to push the button to close the car door (since she physically could not reach it).

Silly, sweet sisters.

I got some pretty shots of this blue-eyed beauty when we were outside after dinner one night.

Yesterday we learned about Proverbs 15:1.  I would say something and she had to decide if it would make people happy or sad.  She loved and it, and even got to make up stuff for me to play.

I figured it was time that Adeline knew how to draw a person without the arms and legs coming out of the head.  I did a little OT with her and this was her first drawing afterwards.  Not bad!

And more veggies...

Here's Miss Independent refusing to let me open a sucker for her.  It's that bad.  It's even so bad as she throws a hysterical fit when we change her diaper, because "My do it!!"

Today has been a particularly trying day.  While I was eating breakfast she went to her room and dug through her sister's panty drawer and proceeded to try to put every single pair on, over her pajamas.  (Then threw a fit when I took them off, of course.)

So I decided, fine, wear some panties if you want.  She sat on the toilet every 10 minutes from the time she woke up until after lunch.  Never did a thing.  Every single time involved a fight over her wanting to don/doff her panties, at which she is not an expert.  I finally held her down and put a diaper on her.  She still wouldn't go.

We took a walk because the thermometer said 89.  I should have looked at the humidity & heat index.
"It's too hot.  I'm ready to cool off!"

An hour later we get home, still no pee in the diaper.  We all take a shower and while I'm getting dressed Annabel puts on yet another pair of panties (with both legs in one hole, so basically just around her waist) and the dam finally breaks....all over the living room floor.  Lord, give me strength, and patience, and whatever else I need to get through this phase!

The other day Annabel said, "I'm going to turn on the light, ok?"  Plain as day.  She also pointed to a kite in a book and said, "diamond."  Stubborn AND smart...excellent combination.

She's currently been napping  rolling around in her bed for an hour practicing her favorite phrase "My do it!"  Please pray for me.  Hah!

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