Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Oh So Behind!

Well it looks like I haven't posted anything about October events.  We've had several snotty, cough-y, yucky days, so I got behind on blogging.  Here's my attempt at re-capping the last 22 days of October!

We found some matching Minnie Mouse Halloween jammies at Walmart.  They want to wear them every night.

If we're at home, this is what my girls are wearing.  We have so so so many dress-up dresses, but these two are their favorites.  The one Annabel is wearing is a 3T.  It's quite huge on her, but she loves it.  I think the neighbors get a good laugh every time we walk around the block looking like this.

The cape is another fun accessory.  Who needs to wear clothes with their cape?

We found a new playground in our town the other day.  It's a crowd favorite!

Adeline has discovered a love for coloring just in the past couple weeks.  It makes my heart smile.  Annabel likes to pretend that she likes it too, but really will only color for about 2 minutes.

Adeline begged me to take their picture before church one Sunday, but then refused to cooperate.  Story of my life.

We built our first fire!  I love when it starts to get cold out!

The girls cooperated so well for the school photographer.  I'm happy about that and can't wait to get my prints!

I got real make-up like the big 30 year old that I am.  I love it, but it'll probably never look this good again.

Walmart has become torture for this sweet baby.  We won't be taking her back until after Halloween.  She is terrified of all the scary decorations.

You know you're a mom when you put weeds in a vase.

Both my girls like to eat, but one eats like a health-nut and one eats like me.  In this picture Adeline is enjoying yogurt with fruit & granola while Annabel is devouring a sugary pop-tart.

Do-A-Dot art..so much fun!

We celebrated Noah's birthday with a fun movie night out on the lawn.

We baked pumpkin cookies with Murry, Shane, & Juliet.  I love that we're so close to at least one of their cousins.

Dog-piling Daddy

And more dress-up with Adeline in the background saying, "Dip me, Daddy!"

October is War Eagle Craft Fair time, so the girls got to spend a couple days with a sitter while my mom and I shopped.  I love that sweet Jamie did crafts with them and sent me pictures.

And look at our little family that Adeline drew.  Makes me so happy.

And this was my big find at War Eagle this year.  I've been looking for a buffet or china cabinet for my dining room since we moved in this house almost 5 years ago.  I love it!

My mom took us all to see Beauty & the Beast at Walton Arts Center.  It was so much fun!

And the Robertson family came to visit and we got free tickets!  I love how they based their whole speech on their faith and the gospel.  America needs more celebrities like these.

Whew!  You stuck with me until the end.  Hopefully I'll stay more on top of things now.  Halloween is coming up.  I can't wait!

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  1. I love the way Annabel is looking at Adeline in the first photo. So sweet!!!!