Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween!

We battled a long week of fevers, snot, coughing, and eye gunk around here this week, but thankfully we were all feeling much better in time to trick-or-treat.  We did, however, miss a lot of fun Halloween activities we'd had planned for the first part of the week.  :(

We began the festivities by decorating our crafts for the nursing home we visit every holiday.

And I wore my "vintage" shirt all weekend.  I'll probably wear it every year until it falls apart.
 I got their fruit cups ready for their fall parties that they couldn't attend.  They were pretty upset about that, but hopefully they'll be able to go to their Christmas parties!

They were so bummed about missing their school parties on Monday, that we did our pumpkin carving that evening after supper.

I found this little Pumpkin Gospel book, so you know me.  I had to tie our activity into scripture.  Hah!

This was the story of my life for a full week.  Middle of the night fever-reducing tactics.  Bless their hearts!

We weren't able to actually pass out our crafts at the nursing home, but we got dressed up anyway and took our crafts up there for our friends to hand out.

And this little one almost fell asleep in the car for the second time that week before she'd even had lunch.  I'm telling you, they were NOT feeling well.

And then yesterday they both woke up wild and crazy and happy as could be and fever-free for over 24 hours.  Praise the Lord!

They had ghost-shaped sandwiches for lunch.

We had some friends over for dinner before trick-or-treating and Adeline got so excited about them getting here that she started running around, slipped, and hit her ear on the corner of the coffee table.  I just knew the evening was ruined when she cried nonstop for over 30 minutes.  Finally, once I put on her costume, she started to perk up and get excited about trick-or-treating.  Poor baby can't catch a break.

Time to go trick-or-treating!

Adeline has been infatuated with brides and weddings for a while now.  When I found this bride costume I knew it was just perfect for Halloween.  She was in love!  She walked around the whole block with the veil over her face.  And you all know that Annabel LOVES mermaids!

Trick-or-treating was so fun this year because the girls really got into it and were so excited.  Adeline and her sweet friend Katie Lane held hands most of the time.

Annabel really liked knocking on the doors and telling everyone "Happy Halloween!"

Sweet little Caroline was much happier after we trick-or-treated and she'd had a few pieces of candy.

What a fun night!  I hope you were blessed with sweet friends, sweet treats, and lots of fun like we were!

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