Sunday, November 3, 2013

Adeline's Birthday Party

We celebrated Adeline's 4th birthday with lots of family and friends yesterday morning at a local pumpkin patch/farm.

I wanted a pumpkin theme since it was at a pumpkin patch, and of course Adeline wanted a princess theme, so we found this perfect solution.  A princess pumpkin party!

I was so excited about her cake.  It couldn't have been more perfect.

We have close friends whose little boy was born on the same day as Adeline, just two years later.  Since we have mostly all the same friends, we decided to do a joint party this year.  I think it was a great idea and worked out perfectly.  Landon's theme was a pumpkin/tractor party.  So cute!

It was terribly cold and windy during the party, but I talked Adeline into taking off her coat for a few pictures so you could see the adorable shirt her Tiny made for her.

We are so blessed with so many family and friends that love us so much.  Adeline's great uncle John, cousin Kasey, my parents, Jon's parents, and Adeline's great aunt Tater Tot all came in from Texas to celebrate with her.

Farmland Adventures has a big corn box (their alternative to a sand box).  It is a big hit among the little ones.

And pony rides!

And a petting zoo!

And giant stacks of hay to climb on.

They were so happy sweet Kasey came in town.

And a hay ride to feed the cows!

Time to sing and have cake!

Then we packed up, came home and she opened her presents here while all our family got to visit more over lunch.

What a fun-filled, love-filled day.  Thank you God, for all our blessings, especially for our little Princess Adeline!  She makes our days sparkle.

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