Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September Has Come & Gone

I can't believe my favorite month is already over!  It's been a busy one, but it also seems like it just began.  I'll fill you in with everything's that's gone on since my last post.

We had a play date/party for Henry one Friday morning, but I didn't get any pictures of him.  The girls had a blast at Little Giggles in Bentonville.  

That evening is when my parents got in town for Annabel's birthday party.  They came bearing gifts from all our family in Texas.

It looked like the birthday train had crashed into our living room.

That night, Happy and Daddy fluffed up Annabel's party decorations.  I love these two men more than words can say.

That Saturday evening we celebrated Tiny's birthday.  Adeline was so proud of herself for writing Tiny's name on her gift.  (She did have a little help.)

We went to eat at Five Guys that night and Annabel had some cajun fries.  She said, "That french fry burn my mouth!" and tried to wipe off her tongue.

The next morning was the first day of Autumn, so we dressed accordingly for church.

Somewhere in there I celebrated this milestone.  I'm still having a hard time admitting it.

My sweet girls before KDO.

This is an 8 piece stacking toy.  Annabel sat on the floor working on it for at least 30 minutes and was so proud of herself when she figured it out.  I was just proud of her attention span!

We went to Farmland Adventures again with a play group one morning.  Notice my girls are wearing the same shirts they wore the first time we went.  That's because it's about the only shirt Adeline owns.  She still only wants to wear dresses.  I told her she couldn't wear a dress to ride a horse.

Annabel had gotten some vaccines that morning, so this was her face most of the day.

Adeline got her first Cubbies patch!

We had a stay-at-home day and it was oh so nice!

Then, last Friday, we made the trip to Ft. Worth to watch TCU play football.  Annabel was not happy when she woke up from a nap & realized she'd been tricked into falling asleep.  A side note: one of my dad's sisters and her family recently moved to McAlester, Oklahoma which just happens to be halfway between here and Ft. Worth.  They fed us lunch and our girls got to run around and play with their daughter for a while.  It worked out perfectly and was a great break in the trip.

We stayed with MeMoo that night and celebrated some birthdays.  The kids got to blow out the candles.  There was cheetoh spit, snot, and fingers all in that cake.

MeMoo spoils the kids rotten.  She gave Annabel a tube of her lip gloss.  It was everywhere!

We stayed in the garage apartment and the girls shared a bed for the first time.  Thankfully they were exhausted so they slept all night.

Saturday was game day!

Annabel and Dylan are just a few weeks apart.  They have a lot of fun together.
 Adeline told me, "When I get big, I want to go to college at TCU."  We better start saving up!

And more sleeping baby on the way back home.  I love the crazy hair and sleep wrinkle.

This little precious woke up feeling pretty crummy Sunday morning.  She has a bad cough, sore throat, and fever.  Bless her.

But she did feel like playing with the dollhouse for a little while yesterday.  The dollhouse family just goes from one meal to the next.  They'd just eaten breakfast when we loaded them all up in the minivan to go to CFA.  Hah!

I hope your September was as action-packed, and fun-filled as ours!

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