Monday, September 23, 2013

Annabel's Party

We had Annabel's birthday party on Saturday.  She looooves mermaids lately and was a big fan of swimming all summer, so I thought we'd do a mermaid swimming party.  The only problem with that is you never know what the weather is going to be like in September, so I booked the indoor pool at the Jones Center.

The kids had a lot of fun swimming..

Shiloh had his first swimming experience.
But their favorite part was the water slide.  I tried to get a picture of everyone going down it, but most of them turned out blurry.

I love this one of the birthday girl.  She had been pretty pouty most of the party because she was mad about not getting her cake at the very beginning.  Jon finally talked her into going down the slide with him and she was finally all smiles.

It's a good thing we'd booked an indoor pool, because it was 50 degrees that morning.  However, it was stifling hot in the pool area, so these girls had to go outside and cool off before it was time for cake.

 Everyone singing to her was her favorite part.

Adeline was so excited to get the mermaid.

We are blessed with so many sweet friends.

Adeline the lifeguard.

We are so thankful that both sets of grandparents and Uncle Shane, Aunt Juliet, and Murry all were able to attend the big shindig.  We are so loved.

It was a fun celebration of our sweet Annabel.  Thank you to everyone who celebrated with us!

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