Monday, September 9, 2013

Disney World Day 1 - Magic Kingdom

We finally got our Disney photo CD so I can finally blog about our Disney World adventure!

We rode a tram from our hotel to the transportation station at Disney and waited in a ridiculously long line to board a ferry (the monorail was down) and it was so incredibly hot I thought I was going to die.  But when we finally walked into the park I was beyond excited.

We headed straight for the castle for our lunch at the Royal Table with the princesses.

The girls were a little star-struck when they actually started meeting the princesses and wouldn't smile.

I love how everyone at Disney stays in character when they're talking to you.  Cinderella asked where we'd come from and when I told her Arkansas she said, "My, that must have been quite the pumpkin ride."  Hah!  She also told Sarah, "Go stand behind your mom."

Lunch was fantastic.  It was a four course meal in a gloriously air conditioned castle.  I didn't want to leave.

We rode the carousel first.

 Then the Ariel ride which Adeline will tell you was her favorite.  She loved the end best and shouted, "They got married!"

And my personal favorite - It's a Small World

And we got to see a parade.  The girls were thrilled about this.

Then Sarah, Adeline, and I rode the tea cups.  I thought I was going to lose my lunch, but Adeline was hysterically laughing the whole time.

And Annabel took a little nap.

Then as we were waiting in line here to see Belle, Jon and Annabel were horsing around and Annabel's wrist got sprained again like on our beach vacation.  Jon had to take her to the Disney 1st aid, so only Adeline got to see Belle that day.

While Jon and Sarah went to ride a more thrilling ride, the girls and I stopped by Ariel's grotto to visit with her.  When she read their names on their shirts she said, "My name starts with an A, too, and I have five sisters whose names all start with the letter A.  You could be my sisters!"  Oh I just love it.

 After dark we got to watch the electrical light parade and eat the signature Mickey-head ice cream.

Then we rushed to the entrance to see a couple more princesses on our way out.

Sleeping Beauty was the first one to get them both to smile.  She's always been my favorite.

It doesn't look like it in this picture, but Annabel didn't want to get out of her lap.  Aurora said, "That's ok.  I'll hold you all night."  I don't know where Disney finds their employees, but we never met a rude one once.

It was a magical day.  Stay tuned for Day #2!

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  1. Great pictures!! I still cannot get over how cute the girls outfits are :) And I did laugh out loud (again) at "Sarah, go stand behind your mom!" ha! Can't wait to see the other parks.