Sunday, September 8, 2013

Happy September!

Woohoo!  My favorite month is finally here!

We started off the month celebrating mine and Jon's 6th wedding anniversary.  Jon was trying to explain to Adeline that morning before church that it was our anniversary and she just wasn't getting it, so he said, "It's Mommy & Daddy's wedding birthday."  She got that.  She said, "I want to wear the dress with the birds that got married on it today."

Then we amazingly got ready for church early enough to drive through Starbucks and get my favorite drink...pumpkin spiced latte!

That evening we asked Adeline what she wanted to do for our wedding birthday and she said, "Let's go bounce somewhere!"  So we went to Jump Zone and had a great time.

Jon was off on Monday for Labor Day, so our sweet Sarah kept the girls while Jon and I went on a day date to Tulsa.

We tried out Ted's since we hear so many people raving about it.  Yum!

We did a lot of shopping, then went to Cheesecake Factory for dessert.

And we ended the trip with a trip to Bass Pro, where we went on our very first date.  Hah!

We got home to these sweeties playing dress-up.  I don't know what it is about this unicorn head that makes me laugh every time I see it.

On Wednesday we met some friends at the mall for a little Gymnastic Joe's fun.  These four girls are so sweet.

Annabel had her 2 year pictures one evening and we all got eaten up by mosquitoes.  I've never seen them so bad before in my life.  Adeline wouldn't leave them alone so I put a bandage over every single one.
On Thursday I had every intention of just staying at home that morning, but the girls were so whiney and fighting over every little thing.  I called Shannon and said, "Let's go to Old Navy.  I have to get out of this house!"  We thought it was so fun that Adeline and Reagan both had on their smocked strawberry outfits that day.

"Take my picture with this lady!"

I had the insert to the potty chair soaking in the bathtub and Annabel didn't realize it, sat down and peed, then slipped in it and hit her head when she got up.  Bless her heart!

I had my first weekend at home by myself since having kids.  Jon took the girls to New Boston and I stayed home to work and clean/organize my closets.  I went through every piece of clothing the girls have ever owned and organized them in bins according to their sizes and purged a lot of play clothes.  I'm feeling so good about the state of things around here.

Adeline got to go to the NB football game with my parents Friday night.

And they both got some good ol' grandparent loving.

All of our activities start up this week and I'm so excited.  Kids Day Out, Dance, Women's Bible Study, AWANA...I can't wait!  Happy fall, y'all!

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