Friday, September 13, 2013

Disney World Day 2 - Hollywood Studios & Epcot

We started off our 2nd day at Disney with Hollywood Studios where all the Disney Junior characters are.

The first thing we did there was go watch the Disney Junior Live show with Sofia, Doc, Mickey, & Jake.  The girls LOVED it!  It was very interactive; even the adults enjoyed it.

On our way to our lunch reservations, we stopped and chatted with Chip & Dale.  Annabel was a little scared of the characters with the big heads.

We had lunch at Hollywood & Vine where some of the Disney Junior characters come by each table and visit and perform during the meal.  By this point, both girls were a lot more comfortable with everything than they were at the princess lunch the previous day.

This is June from Little Einsteins.  That is one of Adeline's favorite shows.  She was so happy to get to meet her.

After lunch, we went to fulfill one of my lifelong dreams.  When I was little I loved Honey I Shrunk the Kids.  I remember when they built this play area at Disney and started advertising it.  I wanted to go to Disney World solely to play at this playground.  It was a lot of fun, but boy it was H-O-T!  I didn't enjoy it nearly as much as I'd always dreamed because I was trying not to die.

We ran into this guy at some point.

Jon and Sarah went to go ride the Tower of Terror...

While I took the girls to see Mickey.

Then we met back up with Daddy & Sarah for a live (shortened) performance of Beauty and the Beast. Again, the girls LOVED it.
 Our last ride at Hollywood was the new Toy Story ride.  Disney's saving grace is that most of their lines for rides are indoors, in the air condition.  Adeline and I posed by our favorite board game while we waited.

We had them snap these pictures as we were leaving the park.  Can you tell it's nap time?

(At least Annabel is cooperating.)

Then we went to Epcot, which was a tiny bit of a letdown.  I wouldn't suggest going there with small children.  However, we did get to see Mickey, Pluto, & Minnie which was a huge hit for the girls.

Minnie was so sweet.  She was so excited about the girls' outfits and hair bows.

Adeline didn't want to leave.

We took this picture on our way out of the park.  What a long, hot, fun-filled day!

And, if I haven't said it enough, let me just tell you how HOT it was!  Scorching!  Suffocating! Sweltering! Get it?  Poor little Adeline broke out in a heat rash, but a night drenched in cortisone cream and soaking up all the AC she could get fixed the problem.

One more day left!  Stay tuned....

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