Thursday, September 5, 2013

Uncles & Aunts & Cousins...Oh My!

Uncle Emil, Aunt Kiersten, and Margot came to town for a whole week.  Some of our plans were altered since Annabel was fighting the fever most of the week, but we still had a great time.

On Tuesday night, all of us except Jon and Annabel went to the Washington County Fair.  As usual, Adeline loved every minute.  It is a tradition that we go to this fair with Shane & Juliet every year.  Every year it is more fun as our kids enjoy it more and more.

Adeline, Murry, & Margot

We tricked Aunt Kiersten into riding the teacups with Adeline.

Margot wasn't big enough to ride the ferris wheel, so Adeline took her place.

I just love this pretty little monkey.

They all came over to spend the day one day and we went in search of Murry after not seeing her for a few minutes and this is what we found.  Happy as can be!

Then Annabel decided she needed to join her.

Adeline said, "Let's put Margot in the baby doll high-chair."  I think she liked it!

On Saturday we went to the lake in Eureka Springs.

Juliet had bought this giant raft and we just swam/lounged around it all day.  So much fun!

After swimming all day, we spent the evening in the cabin relaxing and saying our goodbyes.  

Margot soaking up some uncle love.

It was such a fun week.  I hope we can make it a new tradition.

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