Monday, December 23, 2013

Our Family Christmas

We usually spend actual Christmas Day in Texas with our families, so we celebrated Christmas with the four of us at our home today.  I love having family traditions and doing something special with just our little family, but I also love being with my parents and grandparents on Christmas, so this is how we make it all work.

We started with a Christmas Eve tradition of baking cookies for Santa.

And we read the Christmas story with a fun little activity from Family Life called What God Wants for Christmas.  You read the story and open up each box as the story progresses.  The last box has a mirror inside because that's what God wants for Christmas….YOU!

Some of the cookies we baked helped keep their attention on the story.  :)

The girls went to bed, then Santa came!
 Santa really brought them more than usual this year, since Adeline decided to ask him for something out of the blue when we went to visit him.

And of course Santa couldn't bring an extra gift for Adeline and not Annabel!

I think this bounce house is going to do wonders for our sanity on the many long, cold winter days ahead.

Mommy and Daddy gave each of them three gifts.
Annabel: Snow White dress, personalized plate, & a fairy treehouse with figurines.
Adeline: Cinderella dress, Hello Kitty sticker activity book, & a Fur Real kitty cat.

Daddy got a helicopter he can control with his iPhone, some shirts, and a gift certificate for a concealed handgun license course.

We ate a yummy breakfast with our fun plates and new cups that were in their stockings.

It's a good thing Adeline told Santa what she really wanted, because this horse has by far been her favorite toy.

My loot: a new Hobo wallet, necklaces, leggings, and a Victoria's Secret gift card.

We plan to spend the day at home just playing with our toys and enjoying each other's company.  What a happy happy day!

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