Friday, August 8, 2014

1st Week of August

My titles are so creative, aren't they?  Hah!  Anyway, we've got a lot going on this month, so I'm trying to stay on top of it.

I've been trying to get Whitt attached to a lovey lately and this is the one he's liking the most right now.  I'm not putting it in his bed with him at night, but he plays with it a lot during the day.

He's also trying really hard to get his thumb in his mouth these days.  I love his sweet, smiley, almost thumb-sucking self.

Some nights he falls right to sleep, but some nights he fights it and fights it.  Then he gets so hot and starts sweating.  So then I have to strip him down and lay him under the ceiling fan.  It calms him right down.

My children are always getting hurt.  Here's a glimpse into why.  Why can't they just act normal?  Hah!

And this little one has had quite a difficult time adjusting to not being the baby anymore.  It started with a stutter, and now that's been replaced by thumb-sucking.  Yes, that's right, she didn't suck her thumb until the last month.  And I can't keep her out of Whitt's exersaucer.  Cracks me up!

Adeline's little bestie, Katie Lane, came to our house on Monday while her mom had to work.  At one point they were all singing very loudly to Whitt.  He was pretty scared, as you can tell by his face.

And, we've been so looking forward to August because my BFF Amanda & her sweet Emma came to visit!  She's expecting Baby #2 in January, so our picture next year will have 5 sweet kiddos.  So excited!

I took this little silly to the ENT and they scheduled her tonsillectomy, but I'm going to chicken out and cancel it.  I know, I know.  I just don't think I'm ready to deal with that stress and recovery at this point in my life.  Adeline will just be starting pre-school, dance will be starting up, and I'll be having to adjust Whitt's routine to accommodate all that.  My mom would definitely come and help me out, but I just don't want to deal with that right now.  I want her to be a bit older and weigh a little more and me to have a bit more organization in my life when we take on a tonsillectomy.

And my sweet Amanda stayed home with Adeline and Whitt while I took Annabel to the ENT.  Worked out perfectly for me!

I love this face. do I make this thing move?

I love that they want to help clean these days.  I know it won't last so I'm taking advantage of it now.  These white cabinets get so dirty!

I just love this picture.  He looks 100% boy with his monster truck shirt and camo shorts on.  Adeline said, "Do those shorts match that shirt?" I had to inform her that Daddy says camo goes with everything, kind of like black.

Sad to see these faces go home.  Emma calls me "Aunt Tee Tee."  She also loves both my girls, but definitely likes Annabel best.  She followed her all around saying her name over and over.  Annabel would say, "What? I'm right here!"  I love it!

So excited for the rest of our August!

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