Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Vacation on Table Rock Lake

We usually go to the beach every May with my parents, but obviously that wasn't happening this year.  We kind of thought we'd just not do vacation at all this summer, but as the summer wore on, we decided we really NEEDED a vacation.  So, we started looking into places close by that would be easiest to go with a nursing newborn.

We found a resort in Lampe, Missouri called Chalets on Table Rock Lake.  It was absolutely perfect!  We were in a duplex right on the lake that had 4 bedrooms and 3.5 baths.  Two of the bedrooms were masters, so my parents and Jon and I both got to have king-sized beds and our own bathrooms.  Then Whitt had a room to himself, and the girls shared, just like at home.  The duplex had just been built this summer, so it was super nice.  The resort had two swimming pools and hot tubs and one pool had an awesome slide.  The resort also had a playground, zip line, a trampoline in the lake, kayaks, canoes, and paddle boats.  It really was the perfect place for a family vacation.  We were within 35 minutes of Branson and Eureka Springs, but we really barely ever left the resort.

This was our view for the week.  Each duplex had its own patio with outdoor fireplace and grill.  We spent a lot of time out here!

My big girl just enjoying the view.

The girls love Wizard of Oz just about as much as I did as a child.  Yay!  They wanted Happy to play it with them the whole week.  He was the Wicked Witch and Whitt was a flying monkey.  Oh this cracks me up!

Happy and Whitt got a lot of bonding time.  Every time Whitt would fuss my dad would snatch him up and say, "He wants to go on a walk outside!"  I can't wait for Whitt to learn everything my dad knows about fixing cars, wood-working, and sports.  I'm so thankful my dad got a grandson!

And Nana was in grandma heaven all week.  I think she barely ever sat down, but she was loving every minute.  I was too, because that meant a lot of rest time for me!

Annabel was nursing her baby a lot.  Hah!

We got Whitt some hats for the lake.  This makes me smile!

Jon really enjoyed this kayaking thing.  I'm not such a big fan.  He took me out on one and I was like, "why do people like this?"  Haha!

Annabel in Whitt's pirate ship.  She was saying, "Arrrrrgh, matey!"

And this is what Whitt thought of his pirate ship.

But he liked the water if his daddy was holding him.

And this one preferred the hot tub.

We went down this slide a million times.  So much fun!

One night my parents kept Whitt and Jon and I took the girls in to Branson to see the Jonah and the Whale play at Sight & Sound Theater.  It was awesome!  If you live around here, take your kids!  It really was fantastic!

And Jon liked this thing, too.  He's active, I'm more of a "lie on a raft in the sun" kind of girl.

We rented a boat and a raft one day.  We had the best time!

And Jon cooked these awesome steaks one night.

And Little Man did pretty well sleeping somewhere other than home, but we caught a few sunrises together.

Adeline and I never worked up the nerve to jump from the trampoline to the water, but we did do a lot of jumping.

And one night my parents kept all the kids while Jon and I went into Branson for a date.  Hallelujah!  We hadn't had one of those since Whitt's been born.  The girls helped my mom cook dinner.

We ate at the Top of the Rock in the Mexican food place they have there.  It was fantastic and the view was breathtaking.  Perfect date night!

We really did have such a great time.  We are so grateful for my parents.  It wouldn't have felt like a true vacation if it wasn't for them.  Thank you, Mom and Dad.  We love you so much!!!

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  1. You are so very welcome! We loved every minute and love you more!!!