Sunday, August 3, 2014

Whitt - 3 Months

Whitt is three months old today!  We made it through the 4th trimester!  Praise the Lord!  I read a book once, I think it was The Happiest Baby on the Block, that talks about the 4th trimester and how a baby isn't really neurologically ready to be out of the womb when they're born at 40 weeks, but since a human body can't be pregnant longer than that, that's why they're born then.  It said that the first three months are difficult with not sleeping well and crying a lot, etc.  With all three of mine that has been so very true.  It seems like they change personalities at three months.

He's started sleeping 11 hours straight at night for about 2 weeks now, but watch now that I posted that on here he'll stop.

His daily routine:
7am - nurse
8:30-10 - nap
10am - nurse
12:30p - nurse
1:30-4:15 - nap
4:15 - nurse
6:30p - nurse
7:30 - pumped bottle
8pm - bath
8:15 - nurse & asleep

Weight: 13lb 4oz - 31%
Height: 25in - 85%
Long & lean!

Jon got the exersaucer down from the attic today.  He was intrigued at first, but his sisters pushed all the buttons and toys at once and scared him.

He's wearing 6 month and some 6-9month clothes & size 2 diapers.  

Adeline made him giggle the other day when she was playing peek-a-boo with him, but he hasn't done it since then.  He tries really hard to laugh, though.

He's rolling to his side & from tummy to back.  

He's trying with everything he has to get his thumb in his mouth.

He doesn't much like the pacifier anymore and usually puts himself to sleep after a few minutes of fussing.

He sleeps swaddled and still in the rock & play sleeper.

I think that's all I have to report so far.  He's a much happier baby these days and is very attentive to everything that's going on around him.  We love you, Whitt! 

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