Thursday, July 31, 2014

July Part 2

Say what?  It's July 31 already?  How did that happen?  Here's what we've been up to the last part of July....

Annabel is our accident-prone child.  She gets hurt every single day.  No exaggeration.  Anyway, the other night she started crying yet again and Jon said, "What now?"  Adeline said, "She was standing on the pole and she fell off."  Jon, very confused, said, "How can she stand on something vertical?"  Adeline said, "Like this!"  Oh my word..these are my children, but sometimes I'm not sure where they came from.  I mean really somedays I'm just completely in awe of the things they do.  Is it having siblings and egging each other on that causes such craziness, or is it all coming from Jon?  I know I was never like this as a child..hah!

Mornings are rough around here.  They all three wake up right around the same time and Whitt needs to be nursed right away.  They get pretty jealous of the attention I'm giving him and whine and fight and make me want to pull my hair out just about every morning for the first hour or so.  This particular morning Adeline had just said, "I need breakfast! I'm so hungry from all that sleeping!"  She also said to me, "Mommy, you have three little kids.  Do you know how to take care of three kids?"  Like, hint hint, we have to be fed!

That was followed by this fight between my girls..
Annabel: Don't look at me!  Stop it!
Adeline: I AM going to look at you.  All night long I was asleep and couldn't look at you so now I'm going to look at you as much as I want!
Annabel: STOOOOP!!! (with tears involved)

They really are quite entertaining.

And Whitt is growing like a weed.  His 3-6 month onesies barely snap in the stride and I know his thighs aren't much to some of you, but he's got the chunkiest thighs any of my babies have had.  I love it!

Which, by the way, if breastfeeding makes you faint, don't read this, but I want it documented for me.  My milk with the girls was like skim milk.  You could see through it like water.  With him it's like pure cream.  It's the craziest thing.  How does that even happen?

So, this is funny, and I placed this picture strategically here after bragging about how big Whitt is.  Just when I thought my son was huge, my MIL sends me this picture of Jon when he was 1 MONTH OLD!  Oh man, I can't stop laughing.  Now that, my friends, is a giant!  That's his 5 year old sister next to him.  He's almost as big as her..haha!

Husband brag alert...mine is the best.  He is always happy to see his family at the end of the day, and doesn't stop helping me all evening long.  We make a good team.

He's getting stronger and stronger.

Toys, toys everywhere....EVERYWHERE!

We took care of our neighbors' dog last week while they were out of town.  Adeline was such a big helper and helped me walk her (& Tulip) every night.

Whitt has started pulling things to his mouth, but he still keeps his hands in fists a lot.

We tried out a new hairstyle the other night.  I think this might be a good go-to when school starts.

And we had a family bowling night.  So much fun!

We visited with Murry one night.  Sweet cousins pulling out every single toy at Murry's house.

I love these two photos of my three before church last week..

Whitt fell asleep on a walk one night, so we just pushed the stroller in the house.

I'm trying to get him attached to a lovey, so I've been offering different ones lately.  Right now he's liking the giraffe like his cousin Cannon.  He's also started rolling onto his side this week.  Won't be long until he's going all the way over.

Adeline made a prayer chain at church on Sunday with people she wanted to pray for.  We went through it and prayed for all her friends, then Annabel had a fit & said, "What about Reagan?!?" so I told her to pray for Reagan.  She said, "God is great, God is good, let us thank him for Reagan!" Love it!

Super Baby!

He looks like a little old man here..

And like a miniature Jon here...

This one looks like her daddy too, especially when she sticks her tongue out while concentrating.

He really is getting so strong and wanting to sit up all the time.  I think he'll crawl and walk before the girls did.  We shall see...

And that brings us to the end of July.  I feel like we didn't do much of anything all summer, but tomorrow is August 1 and, by the looks of my calendar, we aren't going to have time to sit down in August.  Bring it on!

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