Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July Part 1

I feel like we really haven't done much of anything this summer, but somehow I still have a lot of pictures.  

Adeline found this princess dress I'd bought back in the winter in her closet the other day.  She wants to wear it every day now.

Whitt is starting to grow out of his evening crankiness and likes to sit with his daddy and watch the news.

Juliet and Murry brought us dinner one night and the girls had a great time playing outside after we ate.  I love that we have at least one cousin that lives nearby.

Whitt graduated out of his newborn gowns he was sleeping in into big boy pjs.  I always bought the footed ones for my girls because I was afraid they were cold.  I bought him the ones without feet because he sweats like a grown man.

We started using the bumbo.  He loves it.

On this particular morning she spilled her cereal, an apple sauce pouch, and a cup of mandarin oranges.  Quite frustrating, but if I've gathered my manna that day I can always hear the Holy Spirit whisper to me, "This is motherhood.  Not only moments when things are going well.  How are you going to handle this?  Are you going to extend to her the grace I freely give to you?"

Sometimes we get time to do a little school prep, but most of the time I feel like I'm barely keeping my head above water.

These two.  Melt my heart!  Jon is a fantastic girl daddy, but I am so glad he got a little boy.  I know they will be the best of friends.

Annabel was lying here with him telling him all kinds of stuff one morning.  So sweet!

And he thinks he can sit up.  I could barely get him to lean back against the chair.

Annabel said, "I'm going to climb up here!" I asked why and she said, "because I want to jump off!"  I knew that probably wasn't the best idea, but I figured she better learn, and I somewhat thought she might chicken out.  I was wrong.  When she landed she said, "ouch! That hurt my hiney! I not going to do that again."
Watching Frozen one night before bed, for the millionth time.  See what I mean about him being an excellent girl daddy?

One Saturday morning our church had a mother/daughter tea party.  It was so much fun!  They really made it so cute and grown-up.  Adeline thought it was the most special thing ever.

While the girls were having their tea, Jon and Whitt went on their first father/son trip to Cabela's.  Whitt got to try out a boat.  Something funny..Jon is really anti bags or carrying anything that might not seem manly.  So, he will barely even carry an infant carrier around and he's definitely never going to put on a baby carrier.  Therefore, he walked all around Cabela's with Whitt in his arms.  That mental picture just cracks me up.

Adeline has been really interested in building blocks lately, so we bought her some junior legos.  She and Jon had so much fun putting them together.

Last week, Adeline went to a gymnastics camp every morning from 8-12.  It was nice to spend some one-on-one with Annabel while Whitt napped.

However, all our fun plans were canceled because her tonsils flared up again, so we just spent most of the week cuddling.

Whew...enough pictures for one post.  July Part 2 coming soon....

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  1. I love all this but especially the picture at the tea party with Adeline's arms around Annabel. Sweet sisters!